Venomed – Removal (CD review)

My mood for the Indonesian extreme metal still reigns strong, and as you know, there are literally hundreds of band waiting to be discovered! So I’ve decided to have a look at my CD collection to see something to satisfy my musical urges – and the random perusal of my modest collection has resulted in having this nice little album in my player. read more

Going Russian (J. R. interviews Excoriation)

Excoriation hails from Russia. A three-piece band from the Moscow area offering up splattery and slammy death metal. Their self-titled debut album on New Standard Elite remains one of my favorite death metal albums to blast in the car. Heavy, unrelenting, absolutely bulldozing music which puts me in a nice meditative state! Perfect driving music! Keeps me sane in a world of terrible drivers. I mean seriously, would you rather sit in traffic listening to some blabbering on the radio or put yourself in a mental trance of heart-pounding blastbeats? I choose the blast. read more

Murtad – Promo 2017 (music review)

OK, this one is aged a little, but that absolutely doesn’t have any inpact on the musick and popularity of this Indonesian band clearly indicated it. read more

Removal Surgery – Demo 2017 (CDr review)

Now, how much brutal death metal can you take? Still craving more? OK, I hear ya. So does Removal Surgery. Who are they? read more

Kakaradeath – Promo 2018 (CD review)

Wow, I haven’t reviewed an actual promo for some time and this one, from Kakaradeath, is a nice one indeed! read more

Maximize Bestiality – Extraterrestrial Skolexomorphic Infestation (CD review)

As usual, I was totally unaware of this band and their album…so what? I’ve been immediately sold. The cover art of the CD is amazing and as a fan of extraterrestrial themes, what’s not to like here, right? read more

Gorepot – All You Can Smoke (CD review)

Now that’s might be interesting. The dilemma posed is this – what can one write about the album containing all the elements of musick you expect it would? read more

Interview with Jay and Sam of Abortion Survivor

While I am convinced the day comes when James and Lars knock on my door begging to be interviewed for the Rubber Axe webzine, I think there are many bands which deserve to be promoted and be made known to our readers before that day. read more

Chat with Polwach (Ecchymosis)

I recently reviewed Ecchymosis first full-length album on the always quality death metal label New Standard Elite. The drumming is extremely brilliant, nah..the drumming is GENIUS on this album, so I wanted to talk to the guy behind this frenetic barrage of evil, the elusive destroyer Polwach. He was kind enough to answer my stupid fucking questions and here we are! read more

A little chat with Incivility Regurgitated

As you might know from the review we’ve published some time ago, these Italian brutalizers are quite pleasing to our ears, and as it’s usually the case, I’d wanted to know more about the band. The result is this little interview (unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, it was not ready before the last year’s Christmas, that’s why the first question).
Enjoy and stay brutal, folks!! read more