A Bay Of Blood (movie review)

OK. Yesterday was the day I sat down and watched A Bay Of Blood (a.k.a. Ecologia del delitto, a.k.a. Reazione a catena), the Mario Bava’s movie hailed as a proto-slasher and by many regarded as a cult classic, and one of the former Video Nasties of the 1980s era. read more

Temple of the Thousand Lights movie poster

Temple of the Thousand Lights (a movie review)

When it comes to movies, many metal fans are – maybe naturally – gravitating towards horror genre (and gory ones in particular), but lately I’ve found the attempts to top a previous guy’s movie with just more outrageous gore simply boring. I like movies with funny stories, great camera and guys I can root for… and you might be surprised that I’d prefer a good adventure movie before horror or action ones. Of course, in my book this is not a rule set in stone ane exceptions exist. read more

Bare Knuckles movie poster

Bare Knuckles (a movie review)

I’ve come across this 1977 movie while perusing materials from the great Something Weird Video (a trailer for this flick was included in Dusk to Dawn Trash-O-Rama volume 1) and because why the hell not, I’ve decided to watch it. I couldn’t find it on a DVD though, but luckily someone uploaded it to Youtube (that’s actually one thing I so hate…trying to get some film just to find out it was never officially released on DVD/Blu, and copies available are basically just grey market copies). read more

Massacre in the Black Forest (a movie review)

Peplum, huh? I wouldn’t be surprised if people would think I am watching gore/horror movies almost exclusively. Well, I am listening and reviewing goregrind and gorenoise stuff, so it would go along with the rest of stuff, right? read more

Agent Red (movie review)

Today is a reason for a little celebration! Really! First, we have an addition to our Die Hard rip off section, and we all agree it was long overdue. Well, the wait is over! read more

Trash Cinema book cover

Trash Cinema: A Celebration of Overlooked Masterpieces


Today I want to talk about “Trash Cinema: A Celebration of Overlooked Masterpieces”, which is a compendium put together by editors Andrew J. Rausch and R. D. Riley. This book was published in 2015 both in hardcover and softcover editions (plus e-book, of course) by an US publisher BearManor Media. The book contains 55 articles/essays about various movies we can label “trash cinema”, from the Golden era of 1950s to the fairly new ones. read more

Weng’s Chop #3 (magazine review)

The more I am delving into the old issues of the most prominent cinema magazine today – and it’s no hyperbole, especially when considering the content (and the quantity of it) – the more I am re-discovering stuff I should remember to get (and watch) but for some strange reason I’ve forgotten. Well, second time’s the charm, isn’t it? read more

Weng‘s Chop #0 (magazine review)

As you might already know from reading my review of the December 2018 issue of Weng‘s Chop cinema megazine, I am a big fan of this publication and I am awaiting the announcement of any new issue with passion. read more

Cover of the Video Spinegrinder

Grinding with the Video Spinegrinder

Since I‘ve started to get interested into a serious movie watching, I’ve found a treasure of books, magazines and zines to get info from.  And being (still) also an avid book/mag/zine reader, it’s suited my needs perfectly.
One book I’ve found only later, is the gigant paperback called Video SPINEGRINDER. Written by Clive Davies, it was published by Headpress in 2015.
read more