Dr. Gregory L. Reece – Weird Science and Bizarre Beliefs ~(a book review)

One has to agree that “suggested” stuff on Amazon has its advantages when it comes to spending your hard earned moolah on things you just have to own. And that’s how I’ve came to own this nice book about, well, weird science and bizarre beliefs! No kidding, the title says it all and it’s correct. read more

Tjolgtjar – Five Tjolgtjarian Keys (album review)

No promotion can beat a self-promotion, and although – of course – I am in no way responsible for any Tjolgtjar output, some of you might know that the mighty J. R. Preston, the person behind Tjolgtjar and a few other musical output, is one of our editors and responsible for some of the finest reviews in the Rubber Axe webzine. read more

Friend Request (a movie review)

I‘ve kinda passed over this movie when it was first released in 2016, mainly for the lack of time, but I‘d made a mental note to see it one day, as I consider the settings quite fitting for a modern horror movie – you know, we‘re all surrounded by social media now…OK, OK, I know you‘re not! 🙂

Interview with J.R. Preston (part I.)

If you ask me how I got to know J.R Preston, the person behind Tjolgtjar and couple of other projects, I honestly can’t remember, if my life would depend on it. Actually, I kinda might remember… looking for some music in 8-bit computer sounds, I went through 8-bit Emperor and Mayhem to Xexyz, J.R’s NESBM (Nintendo Entertainment System Black Metal) project and from the, it was only a small step to get interested to his music and stuff he does.

I wanted to do this interview for a long time – and the time has come. Welcome The Reverend, folks!

Well, hello there, J.R., and thanks for your time doing this interview. First of all, I consider it strange there are not that many interviews with you about any of your projects. Is it intentional from your side (say, refusing to do interviews) or simply just not much interest in your musick?