Deathstalker 2 (a movie review)

Ladies and gentlemen, please, welcome Jim Wynorski once again! And I do mean it in a positive way, because what we have here is one of the best fun movies you can watch. It’s time we talk about Deathstalker 2. read more

Demon Queen (a movie review)

I’ve said it previously and I’ll say it again. They don’t make them like they’ve used anymore. Demon Queen, the 1986 debut feature from American SOV filmmaker Donald Farmer is a prime example of what that oft-ridiculed, but a potent niche genre offers. read more

FilmBRAWL (a book review)

When it comes to culture, one just can’t get enough. And I’m not gonna argue about it. You either are mad about it or not. There is no middle ground. At least not with me. read more

2020 Texas Gladiators (movie review)

For some strange reason I’ve developed an urge to watch some post-apocalyptic movie. Although I still want to re-watch Mad Max trilogy (plus Fury Road), as I need to refresh my memories, I’ve opted for a great silly Italian rip-off from the great late Joe D’Amato – 2020 Texas Gladiators. read more

Weng's Chop issue 04 cover

Weng’s Chop #4 (magazine review)

My quest to review the best underground cinema-related magazine made me realize I have missed so many great movies. And I forgot others I did want to watch, but for some reason I haven’t. Yeah, that’s the beauty (and probably the price as well) for our hectic lives today (at least for many of us). read more

Trash Cinema book cover

Trash Cinema: A Celebration of Overlooked Masterpieces


Today I want to talk about “Trash Cinema: A Celebration of Overlooked Masterpieces”, which is a compendium put together by editors Andrew J. Rausch and R. D. Riley. This book was published in 2015 both in hardcover and softcover editions (plus e-book, of course) by an US publisher BearManor Media. The book contains 55 articles/essays about various movies we can label “trash cinema”, from the Golden era of 1950s to the fairly new ones. read more

Weng’s Chop #3 (magazine review)

The more I am delving into the old issues of the most prominent cinema magazine today – and it’s no hyperbole, especially when considering the content (and the quantity of it) – the more I am re-discovering stuff I should remember to get (and watch) but for some strange reason I’ve forgotten. Well, second time’s the charm, isn’t it? read more

Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film (book review)

There is a certain beauty in old books, any bibliophile can tell you that. And if you are into movies, either as a newbie finding his way through the maze of gazzillion movies made, or a seasoned veteran of many all-night-long-moviethons, as such one always appreciates movie related books, usually as a source of discovery of previously unknown moving pictures. read more

Mondo Macabro (book review)

When you‘re starting your love affair with movies – not just watching movies, but actually getting to know and love them – going beyond the latest blockbusters or proved evergreens from yesteryear, suddenly a whole new universe opens. A movie universe many have no clue about, the underbelly of the glittery Hollywood PC-polished timewasters, offering a whole new experience both to a newbie and a seasoned mainstream watcher alike. read more

Cover of the Video Spinegrinder

Grinding with the Video Spinegrinder

Since I‘ve started to get interested into a serious movie watching, I’ve found a treasure of books, magazines and zines to get info from.  And being (still) also an avid book/mag/zine reader, it’s suited my needs perfectly.
One book I’ve found only later, is the gigant paperback called Video SPINEGRINDER. Written by Clive Davies, it was published by Headpress in 2015.
read more