How to snatch a body (an interview with Bodysnatch)

Bodysnatch is a brutal death/extreme slam band from…Switzerland and Russia! This two-man missile launcher is ready to blow the world up.
To me, it’s amazing music. It is something beyond me as a black metal rock-and-roller, this kind of metal… it is fascinating and mindblowing!
Their new album “Instigate the Lunatics” will be out in March on Morbid Generation and the single “Merciless Extirpation” can be found on Youtube here: read more

Projekt203 – Demolačná čata (USB release review)

Starting off with “Memento Mori” Sissi’s voice entrances me and I’m already caught in a spell… at the 1:00 mark the music hits in a different, surprising way which I found extremely cool. I love being blindsided like that. When Ondrej’s voice hits I said “hell yes!” And then they both duet, and all is right with the world. read more

Going Russian (J. R. interviews Excoriation)

Excoriation hails from Russia. A three-piece band from the Moscow area offering up splattery and slammy death metal. Their self-titled debut album on New Standard Elite remains one of my favorite death metal albums to blast in the car. Heavy, unrelenting, absolutely bulldozing music which puts me in a nice meditative state! Perfect driving music! Keeps me sane in a world of terrible drivers. I mean seriously, would you rather sit in traffic listening to some blabbering on the radio or put yourself in a mental trance of heart-pounding blastbeats? I choose the blast. read more

Projekt203 - Nevhodný Obsah EP cover

Projekt203 – Nevhodný Obsah (EP review)

Ah.. Projekt203, my heart skips a beat.

Lately I haven’t been reviewing much, as I have been busy with my music and bands and blah, who cares? The other day my editor Rudolf informed me that my favorite Slovakian electropop band had new material out, and there is no fucking way I’m not writing about it. read more

Thurthul – Heritage & Blood (EP review)

Thurthul is a one-man black metal project (All instruments and Vocals by Grief) that comes off a lot better than 90 % of the other ones that exist today. Out of the 33,000,033 one-man black metal projects from say 2015 until now, this one stands out at the top of a heap. read more

Satanic Prophecy – Azoth (album review)

Occasionally I stumble across a diamond in the rough when perusing the delight of all hoarders: the janky warehouse of off the grid black metal. In this warehouse you’ll find every band I was in, so you know it’s a good place. read more

Ascend The Hollow – Echoes of Existence (album review)

From their presskit I gather Ascend The Hollow is a “European-based, female-fronted progressive cyber-tech metal band with 9-string guitars, 6-string bass and modern electronic soundscapes.”
This definitely isn’t something I’ve ever heard of or am accustomed to.
I’m not one who gives a fuck about extra strings on guitars, cyber-anything, or modern soundscapes. This should be interesting. read more

Interview with CeannasaÍ (Hrafnskald

CeannasaÍ is the multi-instrumentalist mastermind behind the new USBM band Hrafnskald. I had the pleasure of playing in a band with him, I know him personally, and I’m really happy with what he’s doing in music right now. So let’s go. If you want a review of the album we’re going to be discussing, you can find that in the Rubber Axe archives. read more

Excoriation “Excoriation” (CD review)

Excoriation. No, not THAT Excoriation. THIS Excoriation. A brutal death metal band from Moscow, Russia. I got their self-titled 2014 CD after hearing a sampler promo from the New Standard Elite label. read more

Dödsmarsch – Skandinavian Black Metal Alliance (EP review)

Dödsmarsch is a band. I know what you’re thinking reading this. As my friend Yoder once said when I started to fire up on some fuckin’ loser talking shit, “Herrrrre we go…” read more