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Vomit Spawn – Vomography (digital release review)

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Vomit Spawn’s “Vomography” digital release might serve as a nice example of why it’s good to be present on social media. OK, we all know the Facebook algorithm will more likely limit your exposure to your audience (in order to push – or, let’s be blunt, force – you to pay for advertisement), but one never knows when his post will reach an interested soul. read more


Dissecting aliens with Vaggelis Koutsopoulos (Ptoma)

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In my return to the underground of extreme musick I’ve been able to find a great loads of interesting bands and projects from many different genres. One of these are Greek sci-fi goregrinders Ptoma and because I love to share my love for extreme music with my readers, it didn’t take a long to make my mind up and ask Vaggelis a few questions to form this nice interview. So, here we go! read more

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Anus Tumor/Nephrectomy/Gangrene Discharge (3-way CD split)4

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What a surprise – and a pleasant one! I’ve encountered Nephrectomy and Gangrene Discharge previously, so I’d known what to expect, but – thanks to Samuele Lami from Eyes Of The Dead Productions – this was my first time I’ve been exposed to Anus Tumor and their offering, which, although not really goregrind, it’s perfect. read more

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Corpse Knife / Gangrene Discharge (split CDr review)

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Battle of the one man goregrind projects! Although it might seem to be so, it’s not (at least, I hope it’s not!), it’s a nice collaboration between two underground scene stalwarts, Bob “The Butcher” Macabre (who is also active in many other projects and runs also Macabre Mastermind Records and co-own Death Becomes Her Records) and Bobby Maggard (and you should know by now his Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions). read more