Acid Shower / Holy Co$t (split CD review)

Acid Shower and Holy Co$t are two more bands I am not familiar with, but got the CD with the package I’ve bought from Olga Lazarus (check my interview with this active female) from Thoracophagus Records (and you can be sure I’ll go through it all eventually). read more

Jackhammer Sphincter Removal cover

Jackhammer Sphincter Removal – Malicious Barbaric Whore Slamming Fixation and Extermination (CDr review)

Sun is shining, the light autumn breeze is in the air..time for some goregrind/pornogrind tunes! I’m going with my gut instinct and just choose stuff for the cover art. Remember buying records/releases because they have a great artwork on the cover? Yeah, some were shit, but majority was true to the stuff depicted. So today I’m going with it. And what did I choose? read more

Purveyors Of Sonic Doom – Death Rides a Horse Called Doom (digital release review)

Oh yeah, oh yeah! That’s me having an aural orgasm now. While I am in no way much into doom metal musick (and never really was), I can appreciate nice grim tunes. So when I’ve got a hold of Canadian sorrow bringers Purveyors of Sonic Doom’s first EP (released and distributed via Bandcamp, but available also on tape), could I say no? Yep, I couldn’t. read more

Radioaktive Children (a band interview)

Hello, guys, and many thanks for your time to conduct this interview. And without any delay, can you briefly (or in as many words as you want) introduce yourselves and RC to the readers of Rubber Axe webzine?

Radioaktive Children – Vomit from Cosmos

There is a real beauty in browsing otherwise half-forgotten, half-remembered pages on the internet, as many times one can find nice stuff there, folks. One day, still in a post-apocalyptic mood after hearing Enbilulugugal‘s „The Day After“ release, I started to browse other selectons of Dipsomaniac Distilleries, Izedis‘ own netlabel and what did I find…