OK, this one is aged a little, but that absolutely doesn’t have any inpact on the musick and popularity of this Indonesian band clearly indicated it.

That being said, I was not one of those aware of this band. But that has changed now, as Murtad’s promo from 2017 was among the stuff I’ve bought from my friend and supplier Dede (Inherited Production). That’s one hell of a dedicated metal maniac!

Promo disc contains only 2 songs, “Spastic Hemiphlegia” and “Recreating Massive Wounds to Penetrate”, both of these have found their way on the subsequent EP “Fornication With a Decomposing And Festering Stump” (2018, Permeated Records), which is also the latest recording of the band.

As per musick, we’re firmly established in the brutal death metal genre, which is not really surprising, considering what the Indonesian extreme musick scene looks like.

Although one might argue many of those BDM/slamming BDM/goregrind bands sound basically the same (and the fact is, many of those do, but I think one doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel, and the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” rule still applies), guys in Murtad are pretty much aware of it, therefore they incorporate also some slower passages in their blast-beats all out attack on our ears. And that’s good thinking.

Other than that, this is a perfectly oiled killing machine, proving the evident fact the technical prowess of Indonesian bands are pretty much of the highest level.

This promo is still avaliable, but considering the value for money, one might be better off to get the aforementioned 2018 EP either from Permeated Records or on Discogs.