Now that’s might be interesting. The dilemma posed is this – what can one write about the album containing all the elements of musick you expect it would?

Well, in case of these Taiwanese stoned gore maniacs, we’re presented here with their fourth full-length and although I was aware of the band for some time, and they just recently played with Polwach and the rest of the guys from Ecchymosis (and just in case you’ve missed the interview our own J. R. did with Polwach, you can read it here), I only recently (i.e. yesterday) took the CD out of the rack to have a listen.

The reason was quite funny, if you follow my stuff either on FB or on IG, you might notice I’ve finally bought myself a portable CD player (CD discman), as I was pretty bored with converting CDs into the mp3s to listen through my phone. I agree, it’s more convenient and easier to walk around just with your phone, but hey… although for review purposes I have no problem with digital stuff, for collection and to satisfy my buying mania, I prefer physical.

Anyway, I’ve decided to test the discman with some good brutal death metal. It was a hard decision as I still need to go through the pile of CDs I’ve acquired from my friend Marc (over 400 of them), so, yeah, Gorepot was the choice. Was it good or bad?

Well, good question, people. I am not a fan of pot, and I don’t even smoke (I left that habit over 3 years ago and never been happier), but I’ve found the intros to songs quite funny. Yeah, I think one can enjoy pot-related stuff even without being a stoner himself.

As for musick, the album contains 13 smoking anthems with titles such as “Cuntjuice Bubblebath” (the last one with so funny an intro), “Kentucky Fried Nipples” or “Blazing Extraterrestrial Kush”.

Our trio of Taiwanese brutalizers give it all and you can enjoy some serious, exciting brutal death metal with a wonderful vokill provided by Mr. Guttural Perv (hehe). Fucking amazing, imagine a pig with the flu with a voice dropped a few octaves and you might have an idea how his vokills sound.

I can say it’s a standard lovely BDM, but I really like these small parts in the songs where you find stuff you don’t really expect (like that short drum-pattern change in “Blazing Extraterrestrial Kush” which was really nice and worth a few listenings more).

Gorepot certainly doesn’t disappoint, so I’m gonna get some other albums of theirs, especially the newer ones, to see where them guys are heading musically.

For those of you who are into BDM with your joints lit – if you haven’t listened to these Taiwanese maniacs, then you should. For those of us, who doesn’t smoke – you should too.

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