One day in a very noisy life (with Jay Watson of Placenta Recordings)

One of many things I love in exploring and discovering new genres, labels and artists is the variety of opinions, the untapped reservoire of sounds, melodies and (dis)harmonies – not to mention absolutely fantastic approach of people to each other. The instant and constant cameraderie is a feeling to be felt and a real thing indeed. And that’s why here in the Rubber Axe we strive to give a shout to people who deserve the appreciation.
Today, dear folks, we had Jay Watson from Placenta Recordings here and we’ve had a blast time chatting. About what? Well, see for yourself… read more

Demon Queen (a movie review)

I’ve said it previously and I’ll say it again. They don’t make them like they’ve used anymore. Demon Queen, the 1986 debut feature from American SOV filmmaker Donald Farmer is a prime example of what that oft-ridiculed, but a potent niche genre offers. read more

At Their Mercy – Disawowed (digital release review)

Do you recall my review of Aggressus’ 2008 demo I’ve posted the other day? Well, if you do, good news for you, At Their Mercy’s artillery is served by the same guy, Dominic “Dom” Hardy. And I have to say he has his hands full here as well! read more

Dissecting aliens with Vaggelis Koutsopoulos (Ptoma)

In my return to the underground of extreme musick I’ve been able to find a great loads of interesting bands and projects from many different genres. One of these are Greek sci-fi goregrinders Ptoma and because I love to share my love for extreme music with my readers, it didn’t take a long to make my mind up and ask Vaggelis a few questions to form this nice interview. So, here we go! read more

Anus Tumor/Nephrectomy/Gangrene Discharge (3-way CD split)4

What a surprise – and a pleasant one! I’ve encountered Nephrectomy and Gangrene Discharge previously, so I’d known what to expect, but – thanks to Samuele Lami from Eyes Of The Dead Productions – this was my first time I’ve been exposed to Anus Tumor and their offering, which, although not really goregrind, it’s perfect. read more

Gorepulpy talk with Michele (Red Pulp Cords)

Now, you might not encountered the name of this gentleman yet, but there are at least two reasons why: Yakisoba and Red Pulp Cords.
We haven’t spoken about Yakisoba in the Rubber Axe webzine (yet), and that will change soon, however yours truly did review Red Pulp Cords’ release “Collection of spores, molds and fungus” (released by Sialorrhoea Productions) not too long ago and it usually leads to me annoying the artist for sharing some thoughts. Therefore, without too much ado, let’s introduce our fellow gore maniac, Michele!
read more

Neuropathy CD cover

Neuropathy – A Purulent Mass of Infant Cadavers (CD review)

Released in 2019 through Eyes of the Dead Production (Italy), Neuropathy offers 9 songs of pure goregrind to please the ears of pathological lovers of anatomy. And just to let you know, they are linked to another material (namely, Drowned Afterbirth) I’ve reviewed back in 2019… read more

Red Pulp Cords – Collection of spores, molds and fungus (a CDr review)

Gorenoise, obviously, won’t be to everyone’s taste, and it’s probably for the best. I, for one, find it interesting to explore and some stuff coming from the deepest sewers filled with the pathological waste and every malformation you can think of is just simply outstanding. And because I took it upon myself to bring to your consciousness the existence of as many releases as I humanly can (and that’s is debatable straight away, lol) I will go on with reviewing stuff I’ve bought from a new label in Italy called Sialorrhoea Production (and I’ve already reviewed two releases, Anemia’s “Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia” and “Extreme Demolition” by Concrete Eater), more precisely, their initial release output. So, witout any further delays, let’s see what’s on offer for today. read more

Concrete Eater cover CDr

Concrete Eater – Extreme Demolition (CDr review)

Another review of the Sialorrhoea Production release, yay!!! You remember I did the release of Anemia not too long ago, right? read more

ENZK #11 (a fanzine review)

A underground music fanzine done the old school way, yay! Well, this Scottish zine is little old, being published in November 2017, but if you live in the underground circles at least for some short time you’ve already learnt that time doesn’t mean much…and stuff can be timeless. read more