Building the monument to music (an interview with H.)

That Indonesian goregrind/brutal death metal/slamming BDM scene is massive, there’s no doubt about it. Neither is a surprise that other genres not only exist there, but they produce some of the best music! I am not kidding, and today I want to introduce you to a project you should keep your eyes (and ears) on. read more

Vox Mortis – Avignam Jagat Samagram (digital release review)

So you are in a mood for some great sounding death metal? You know, something in the vein of the old school USDM? Well, for that we’re not going to check the new releases in Florida or New York, believe it or not. Instead, we’re gonna go to a distant place…Jakarta, Indonesia. Because I just happen to have some goodie for you. read more

Target (a 2018 movie review)

Oh well, that’s something to talk about! Target, an Indonesian production from 2018, has appeared on Netflix (and thanks a lot for this and other Asian movies available through that streaming platform!) and because I was in a mood – again – to watch some Indonesian horror (after being quite disappointed with Iko Uwais’ 2018 movie “The Night Comes for Us” I’ve watched a few days before), I’ve chosen this movie. And why not right? read more

Be aware of those chakras! The 3rd Eye (movie review)

Not that I don’t have like a 1000+ movies to choose from, but you know how it goes – the more you have, the harder it is to choose. But I am in a mood for an Asian cinema, and I haven’t watched anything horror related for some time either, so the choice has been made. read more

Khalasirna – Demo 2020 (digital review)

Khalasirna demo review is another classic example of social media being used in the right way. You can bitch and moan about how much people spending time with useless stuff online, but the truth is, it’s really a blessing! Why, you ask? read more

Demons Damn – Retaliation (CD review)

Demons Damn is one of those bands you’ve probably never heard of, but you really should. And because I need that spark of energy in my life right now (damn, I’m tired), I am welcoming “Retaliation” into my life. Willingly! 🙂 read more

Venomed – Removal (CD review)

My mood for the Indonesian extreme metal still reigns strong, and as you know, there are literally hundreds of band waiting to be discovered! So I’ve decided to have a look at my CD collection to see something to satisfy my musical urges – and the random perusal of my modest collection has resulted in having this nice little album in my player. read more

Asphyxiate – Promo 2017 (promo CD review)

Continuing with my discoveries within the great Indonesian metal scene, one of the discs I’ve bought from my friend Dede (Inherited Production) is this nice 2-song promo from Asphyxiate. read more

DxTxAxP – Demo 1 (digital review)

Long time ago, when I was so less knowledgeable about extreme musick, I’ve read in one Czech magazine (I think it was the early issue of Spark) about noisecore. More specifically, about 7 Minutes Of Nausea. read more

Murtad – Promo 2017 (music review)

OK, this one is aged a little, but that absolutely doesn’t have any inpact on the musick and popularity of this Indonesian band clearly indicated it. read more