Vomit Spawn – Vomography (digital release review)

Vomit Spawn’s “Vomography” digital release might serve as a nice example of why it’s good to be present on social media. OK, we all know the Facebook algorithm will more likely limit your exposure to your audience (in order to push – or, let’s be blunt, force – you to pay for advertisement), but one never knows when his post will reach an interested soul. read more

Aggressus – Cleansing of the Mind (demo review)

When I’ve decided to change my playlist for a moment and was looking for some good thrash metal from the UK, I’d encounter quite a few bands no longer existing. Shame, but I guess that’s life. read more

Talking past and future with Billy Nocera (Razorback Records)

I‘ve got to know the name of Billy Nocera a very very long time ago, when, believe it or not, there was no Razorback Records. But even then Billy was already quite an established name in the underground and I‘m proud to have the opportunity to interview him. read more

Old Whiskey Funeral – Bury Me in Leather (album review)

When I’ve received the digital promo of Old Whiskey Funeral latest album from Jacek , I’d been told to expect something of Darkthrone/Motorhead mix. Of course, what’s not to love with those groups? Therefore I was eagerly anticipating some goodies. read more

Lividity – Perverseverance (album review)

Lividity. One of the longest standing bands from Illinois, thanks to Dave Kibler, a mainstay in our shithole of an area. read more

Lucifer D. Larynx and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death – Absolute Defilement (album review)

I’ve received this CD in the joblot I’ve bought, and I was wondering, what the hell is this band about? You know, it’s more like a rockabilly band’s name, but nope this is little heavier. read more

Hexripper – Demo 2018 (a demo review)

What to play, when it’s when it‘s raining all day long and you just have dragged yourself from work (like I do)? Well, something full of energy, of course, so Canadian old school metal worshippers Hexripper with their first demo are more than welcome. read more

Altar – Dark Domains

End of 1980s, beginning of 1990s. Sweden, Europe. I guess there were many different ways to express your musical soul. One could probably join ABBA tribute band in a local pub, be a roadie for Joey Tempest or Roxette, or dream of founding Ace of Base…or you could be a fucking death metal musician, ladies and gentlemen!

Yes, Sweden of the said era has brought us the finest stuff in OSDM European style – Swedish Death Metal. And while names like Dismember, Entombed, Grave or Unleashed might be well known among the deathsters, there were a few others giants of the genre, gone but not forgotten, who definitely need to be brought back to a new generation of lovers of metal. And why do you read about it here? Well…

One day I‘ve got quite nostalgic and started to search about some old stuff I hadn‘t heard before. Or heard but forgotten. And in old issue of Wild Rags mag I‘ve found mentioned Altar. Not Altar of „Youth Against Christ“ fame, the other one. From Sweden.