It ain‘t over until it’s over

As I’ve announced the last week, I’d decided to put the webzine on ice for some future, first, to sort out things which need to be sorted (because there are a few) and to prepare for a next chapter in the existence of this publishing outlet. read more

a guy and the sign

First week in…

Yeah, it’s been a week since the format change. Not that I expect many would notice – we live in a fast-paced world, receiving, digesting and spitting out the information with a click not thinking twice about it. read more

It’s 2019, let’s kick some ass!

It’s 2019, we’ve happily survived all 365 days of 2018 and it’s “business as usual”, so to speak. read more

Ov adverts and editing

Hello, hello, dear friends, the time has come again to share with you some thoughts about what‘s going on behind the curtain of what is known as Rubber Axe webzine. read more

Editorial III. (Tides of good news)

First third in this year‘s month of November and what a week itwas! First, I‘ve got some good news from my place of work (well, atleast I hope them to be good) about my final transfer frommessed-up-biorythm-and-broken-sleep nightshifts to a morefamily-acceptable mornings, so although I‘m obviously taking a hitand getting little less money, this setback is substituted by moretime to work on the webzine and a few other things I‘ve planned butso far haven‘t time to start.

Editorial II.

Oh, what a week it was – although I was about to switch my „moneymaking“ job from working night to a day shift tomorrow, it‘s not gonna happen…yet. Well, as good ole Mick Jagger would say, „You can‘t always get what you want“, right? Anyway, with the night work going on and my biorythm being still messed up, I am still happy to be as productive as I am of lately (although I am sure with our presence still not visible on the net not many people took notice), but at least I can‘t use my insomnia times for something useful.

Editorial I. (Here I go again…)

…on my own… Well, it’s not really true for me as it could be for David Coverdale, but whatever. Hello and welcome to Rubber Axe zine!!! read more