Wow, I haven’t reviewed an actual promo for some time and this one, from Kakaradeath, is a nice one indeed!


Not much information about Kakaradeath, except they hail from West Java and they play brutal death metal. Anything else to add? Oh, this promo was released by well-known Indonesian label Inherited Production in 50 copies. And believe it or not, I’ve bought it (I can’t forget one ziner, I guess, from Thailand he was, requiring physical copies to review, as he was building his collection…well, this is not how we roll here in the Rubber Axe HQ). In case you’re wondering, money were well spent (not to mention a superior communication and delivery).

Inherited Production logo

So, let’s have a look at this promo, shall we? It contains 3 songs, and the opening “Otak Pendosa” proves that this trio of musicians are more than capable to deliver. Great riff straight away and obvious great drumwork to match (we’re talking Indonesia, I think half of the male population is born with some music instrument in their hands, that’s why). Fucking killer this song is. Also I have to commend the vokills – not that I understand a shit, as the singer sings in his native language, but he’s clear enough (while maintaining nice rough gutturals) for his local audience to understand. Which is a plus, I mean, who can object to a good brutal death metal vokills?

“Penghianat Rakyat” is the second one and I bet the vocalist had to do a good practice to the opening guttural scream! The song itself is again, a relentless bulldozer levelling to the ground everything standing in its way. And the melodic side (created by some sick riffs again) contributed to the pleasure of listening. Now I regret this promo has only three songs, because we’re getting to the last one.

What “I. R. M.” stands for I have no clue, but I am pretty sure that in quality it doesn’t fall lower than the previous two songs. If you look for a great brutal death metal – this one you have to get!

It’s good to see bands working not only to sound brutal and aggressive, but not forgetting also the melodic side of songs (of course, you’re not expecting Nightwish here). These Javan guys show great promise and Kakaradeath is one of the bands I have to – and will – keep on my personal radar.

And now – let’s hit that replay button.

Enquire about the availability at Inherited Production and get it while you can. As I’ve mentioned previously, you won’t regret those few dollars.

Kakaradeath can be contacted through their Facebook page.