Headchoppin’ (interviewing Evil Ed of Choppin’ Headz fanzine)

Once you see the zine with the title like this one, you know you want to read it. And as a fellow zine-creator, I feel more than a sympathy to a fellow man doing this stuff, so it’s not a rocket science that – obviously – I want to know more about it. read more

Building the monument to music (an interview with H.)

That Indonesian goregrind/brutal death metal/slamming BDM scene is massive, there’s no doubt about it. Neither is a surprise that other genres not only exist there, but they produce some of the best music! I am not kidding, and today I want to introduce you to a project you should keep your eyes (and ears) on. read more

Animal Lovers (an interview with Vox Mortis)

An interview with Vox Mortis should set back the trend of mine to interview artists I’ve either reviewed or simply liked. And because those guys have released a really strong debut album, one can’t but give this promising new band a stage so they can proclaim their message. I’m glad to report Rubber Axe webzine is one of those stages.
Therefore, without any further ado, let’s see what’s new on the Indonesian scene.
read more

How to snatch a body (an interview with Bodysnatch)

Bodysnatch is a brutal death/extreme slam band from…Switzerland and Russia! This two-man missile launcher is ready to blow the world up.
To me, it’s amazing music. It is something beyond me as a black metal rock-and-roller, this kind of metal… it is fascinating and mindblowing!
Their new album “Instigate the Lunatics” will be out in March on Morbid Generation and the single “Merciless Extirpation” can be found on Youtube here: read more

In the Ruthenian woods (interview with Obšar)

Obšar has come to my attention quite unexpectedly and by a sheer coincidence. A friend of mine has sent me a link to their latest video and what a surprise, his brother was a drum player in this band! Funny thing is, I remember him being like 5-6 year old years ago, so it’s quite interesting how time flies. read more

Acne treatment the extreme music way!(an interview with Wayne (Akné Productions)

I am not really sure how I’ve end up getting the distro update from Akné Productions, but one day the e-mail had landed in my inbox. Then I’ve discovered this small label/distro is actually from my home country of Slovakia so, that was one more reason to check it. read more

When the slamming has a soul (an interview with Ricko)

I might repeat myself again and again, but it’s no secret I love Asian scene, mostly movies (and TV series) and music. And if you are into extreme music, you might already know that Indonesia has one of the biggest and greatest scenes of the world. read more

New York through the lenses (an interview with Alex Mercado)

It was a really long path to this interview… and it’s been all down to a Alex’s post in a Facebook group dedicated to independent filmmakers which I’d spotted by a chance. read more

Remembering Caffa (spending time with Evil Saints)

Among many things catching my eyes on the Internet was the appearance of the new band out of Arizona, called Evil Saints. With their debut EP coming out on September 27th, I think it won’t be a bad idea to look into the evil doings of those death-black-thrash metallers just a little closer, don’t you think? read more

Black Glove Analog: (Interview with Steve Rasmussen)

Black Glove Analog is a new kid on the block of the SOV analog video, and here’s how I’ve come to know it. I’ve ran into Steve during my more active days of movie collecting (that means, translated to normal speech – when I’ve used to spend far more money on movies than I am now, lol) and because we both share our love for the trash cinema, we followed each other on social media. read more