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Klyve M. Lewis feature image gore

Fistful of gore (an interview with Klyve M. Lewis)

Hey, Klyve, thanks for your time doing this interview! How are you doing these days? Gory greetings, and thank you for having me for this interview. I’m currently enjoying a nice cold beer after a...
Louis Paul Blood Times

Remembering the Blood Times with Louis Paul

Once again my attention has got fixated on a miniscule mention in the August 1989 issue of the long defunct Factsheet 5 magazine. The text has mentioned Blood Times, which was - and I quote...

Digging the Burial Mounds with Necro (Tortured Corpse)

That Poland’s underground metal scene is big and offers a lot of quality, there’s no doubt about that. But there are always newcomers to the scene and that’s always something to cheer and support. Tortured...
Nihilist (ex-Abazagorath)

A few words with Nihilist (ex-Abazagorath)

Well, today we’re going to meet a great American metal vocalist, and it’s no exaggeration. For those of you who had the pleasure of hearing Abazagorath’s 2002 demo „My Throne Above the Stars“ are...
Dom Salemi Brutarian

Dom Salemi: Brutarian and the Lifelong Love for Art

I won’t lie, I love to do interviews. Especially – considering the fact that I am now publishing in my native Slovak language – do to interviews with people who are virtually totally unknown...
Pete Chiarella 42nd Street Pete feature picture grindhouse

The magic of the grindhouse (Interview with 42nd Street Pete)

When talking about grindhouse cinema and exploitation movies, it’s not just flicks themselves, the worn-out celluloid and the like, you know...Those films also fill pages of various movie fanzines and magazines, from the amateurish...
Carmela Hayslett as Roxy Tyler

Roxsy, the horror host (An interview with Carmela Hayslett)

Nobody knows, but I’ve discovered Carmela back in the day of my modest beginnings of movie collecting, especially low-budget/micro-budget/no-budget stuff no one of my friends would touch with a ten feet pole. And I...
Beatniks from Mars feature picture

Strange vibes come from Mars (an interview with Beatniks from Mars)

Everything is interconnected. I will never stop claiming that. I might not be original here, but who the heck cares, right? So to make long story short…one day (and about 20 years too late)...
Choppin' Headz zine

Headchoppin’ (interviewing Evil Ed of Choppin’ Headz fanzine)

Once you see the zine with the title like this one, you know you want to read it. And as a fellow zine-creator, I feel more than a sympathy to a fellow man doing...
Dusk in Silence

Building the monument to music (an interview with H. from Dusk in Silence )

That Indonesian goregrind/brutal death metal/slamming BDM scene is massive, there’s no doubt about it. Neither is a surprise that other genres not only exist there, but they produce some of the best music! I...
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