Now, how much brutal death metal can you take? Still craving more? OK, I hear ya. So does Removal Surgery. Who are they?

Removal Surgery Demo 2017 cover

Removal Surgery is another one in the mighty Indonesian wave of BDM bands and while not over-active (from 2017 they basically put out only three songs, two of those – “Laparoscopic Gallbladder” and “Part of Hand and Body Displayed” are on this demo CDr), they surely show a lot of promise and quite certainly appease the fans of either BDM genre as a whole, or Indonesian BDM scene in particular.

Because yes, I’ll keep saying it – it seems that almost every male in Indonesia is in some metal band. I am convinced there’s something in the water there to turn otherwise folk songs loving people into the brutal blasts and riffs craving monsters.

From duo to trio – a current line up of Removal Surgery.

OK, that’s a joke, of course, these guys are no monsters. But sure as hell their output is monstrous. And on one hand I am quite satisfied with the demo containing only two songs (for the fear of getting mediocre in the middle of listening to it, as it sometimes happens), but then, on the other hand, I am already looking for more.

Removal Surgery is also another example of how much noise can two persons do. And taking into consideration Ian takes care of all the music stuff while Rezzky serves the vokills, it’s quite admirable, although nowadays nothing special of course.

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This demo was released by the Inherited Production in Indonesia and I guess you should know by now they are a quality label and merch seller, so give them a shout and enquire about this little demo.

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