I recently reviewed Ecchymosis first full-length album on the always quality death metal label New Standard Elite. The drumming is extremely brilliant, nah..the drumming is GENIUS on this album, so I wanted to talk to the guy behind this frenetic barrage of evil, the elusive destroyer Polwach. He was kind enough to answer my stupid fucking questions and here we are!

Polwach, thank you for doing this interview. I believe I should start with the following questions – When did you start playing drums? Were drums your first instrument?

Hey man, my pleasures answering this. I started playing drums when I was around 13 and they were my instruments. I can’t play any other instruments hah so drums are my stuff.

What was the name of the first band you ever played in? What style of music did you play?

It was called Babylon and we played mainstream pop/rock, that was when I couldn’t play blastbeats. Now the singer is a famous pop star and I’m still a retard hahaha.

Ecchymosis Polwach

Have you always just played extreme metal, or do you enjoy other styles of music? What are some of your absolute favorite, most influential, all-time go-to bands?

My bands range from harsh noise, dark ambient, black metal, death metal, grindcore, goregrind, gorenoise, and brutal death metal but I also enjoy other styles like shoegaze and post rock, and even some pop music. Regarding most influential bands I can’t tell them all, there’s a lot, well, maybe Orchidectomy, (old) Devourment, Last Days of Humanity, Urinefestival, Biocyst, Black Witchery, Archgoat, Nyogthaeblisz, Vomir, The Rita and so on…

Ecchymosis has signed to the best death metal label in America, New Standard Elite. How do you like being on NSE so far and do you listen to any of the other cool (but inferior to Ecchymosis) bands on the label? If so, suggest some favorites for everyone.

I consider NSE a family and it has been gorgeous being in the label. I pretty much listen to other bands on the roster, especially the ones with “ping” snares. All bands are great and no ones are inferior to the others. 🙂 My fav are Delusional Parasitosis, Encystment, Epicardiectomy, Insalubrity, Dissevered, Bleeding, Inherit Disease, Hymenotomy, Baalsebub, Molested Divinity, Gore Infamous … well maybe all of them.

Ecchymosis is part of the “Siamese Brutalism Collective.” Please tell the readers what that means, and how many artists or bands are in this collective?

Siamese Brutalism is a community of musicians and bands based in Thailand who stick together in order to share an experience in extreme metal music among each other and spread the words about Thai underground extreme metal music scene. The group was established not only to spread the words about the music the bands in the group create, but also organize concerts for bands to show their ability in live performance. The congregation is to share the bands’ releases and support each band as much as it can. The bands in the group vary through genres including brutal death metal, goregrind, grindcore, and death metal. You can see the artist list and more info at https://www.facebook.com/siamesebrutalism.

“Abberant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay” features three musicians: Yourself, Twish, and Weerasak. Who was the primary songwriter in the band for this album?

Me and Twish were the main ones who wrote the music, after the music was complete, Weerasak then put on the lyrics. Most of the time I came up with drum parts and Twish put his riffs on them.

Who did the artwork for the album?

Thiti (Zygoatsis) aka Sickness666 did the artwork. He often does artwork for black/death metal bands. Super great guy and very skillful and professional as an artist.

I noticed you are listed as doing vocals on this album (and so is Twish.) Which songs feature your vocal performance?

Can’t actually remember, maybe only Weerasak did them hahahaha.

Since the recording of that album for New Standard Elite, it seems the band has grown to five members! Let the readers know who the new guys are and what instruments they play. Is this a decision made to round out the band for playing live shows, or did you feel you needed more musicians to add ideas?

Yeah, both Wasumit (bass) and Jeeraset (guitars) have always been our close friends. Wasumit and Jeeraset had always been keen to play with us so here they are. Wasumit and Jeeraset are also in the band Intricated. The latter one, we felt we needed more musicians to add more ideas, to provide more sick shit to our music.

You’re also in the black metal band Genocidal Sodomy. I have been listening to “Bestial Quintessence.” Very fast, blasting black metal with vocals which are not the higher pitched screams that what one would think of with most Black Metal. In fact, this kind of reminds me of War Metal in some way. I recommend this album to anyone into Black Metal. Are any other members of the Siamese Brutalism Collective involved in Genocidal Sodomy? Have you had any label interest in this band? I don’t see any reason that Genocidal Sodomy shouldn’t be signed!

Yeah actually we play what people call war metal but personally I just call it death/black or black/death metal, but whatever. Thanks for digging this shit! Only me in SBDM is in Genocidal Sodomy, but we plan to bring this band into the collective in the near future.

We are searching for a label who would be keen to release our shit. The next release will be a 5-way split with Muert, Sarinvomit, Oligarch, and Hellfire Deathcult.

I’m really enjoying the tracks from the 5-Way split coming up featuring Genocidal Sodomy. Will this be self-released?

Cheers man! Searching for a label, still in discussion between bands.

You are in a grind project that goes by the title of Cystgurgle. The drums on this are even faster than Ecchymosis! I love it. Whose project is this? Was this your idea? You are the vocalist and drummer. Do you do the vocals and drums live or separately tracked when recording, and do you see Cystgurgle playing shows in the future?

Cystgurgle consists of member from Ecchymosis, being me on drums/vocals and Twish on bass/vocals. It started from me wanting to play some disgusting goregrind. First we were groove-oriented and now we put more emphasis on blastbeats and gorenoise elements. I do both vocals and drums in both live shows and studio albums, in live shows simultaneously but separately when recording. Yup, not many shows for this band but we are still active on those.

Biomorphic Engulfment is another one of your projects. You of course are playing the absolutely crazy drums here, and it sounds amazingly insane. Have you recorded any more songs with this band? There’s only one on the bandcamp and I’d like to hear more.

Not yet but we are in the process of writing songs for the debut full-length. Songs are quite hard and complex to me so it will take some time. Thanks for enjoying my stuff man! 🙂

In closing, is there a new full-length coming from Ecchymosis or any of your other projects? Are there any projects of yours, or Ecchymosis band members that you might want to promote here? Thank you…Take us out, and tell the readers goodbye!

Yes, after the Japan tour this February we will be back to write more songs for the 2nd full-length which will be on NSE of course. I suggest the band that Jeeraset and Wasumit are in, Intricated, they are a brutal deathh metal act, super great shit. Also Masochist, in which Twish is the bassist in, furious grindcore! Thanks for conducting the interview, been my pleasures!!! Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/ecchymosisofficial. Drink a lot of beer and get fucking wasted. Thanks for reading the interview guys!

(Ecchymosis): https://ecchymosis.bandcamp.com/

(Genocidal Sodomy): https://genocidalsodomy.bandcamp.com/

(Cystgurgle): https://cystgurgle.bandcamp.com/

(Biomorphic Engulfment): https://biomorphicengulfment.bandcamp.com/releases

(Support NSE label): https://newstandardelite.bandcamp.com/