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Nun spanking with SpankTheNun (interview)

As we cover many different genres, there are some we hold dear to us more than the others. And for today, we bring you the interview with EBM/electronic artist SpankTheNun, courtesy of our new member, Zed Mann. Enjoy! read more

Calming down with Chmcl Str8jckt (interview)

We’ve definitely lacked some industrial/EBM interviews, so with Zed Mann, the new member of the Rubber Axe team, aboard, let’s dive straight ahead to the dark waters of industrial musick with Chmcl Str8jckt and see what they had to say about their new material. – Rudolf read more

I Ya Toyah – Code Blue (album review)

You should know by now (and if you don’t, the you’ll never, never know), the Rubber Axe webzine is quite broad in its embrace of various genres. If something resonates with us, then it’s good and we’ll definitely want to write about it. read more

Raising the New Dark Ages (interview with William Zimmerman)

The music scene as a whole is great and a fantastic place not only to find out new artists and new music, but also things which might not be as visible, but are important nevertheless. Just think about it – magazine/fanzine publishers, webzines/portals admins and writers, music venues managers…and last but definitely not the least, PR agencies.
And today I have the opportunity to bring to you my interview with one such individual, the owner and CEO of New Dark Ages PR, William Zimmerman. Here we go! read more

Worsaw – A Lesson In Violence (album review)

We’ve got another nice album to review from Machine Man Records, this time it’s Worsaw’s “A Lesson In Violence” and from the first tones I know I’m gonna like it. Oh man… read more

Projekt203 – Singles (album review)

It is no secret I like various music genres. Although I think it’s quite a leap from brutal death metal or grindcore to dance tunes, but that’s exactly me. And while I am still enjoying extreme riffs and blastbeats, I do remember also the days (long gone) of dancing not a few nights away. read more

Industrial Strength Machine Music (compilation CD review)

And here we have one great oldie but Goldie..yeah, the capital G is proper here, baby! Easy the best introduction to industrial rock-industrial-EBM-electronic out there, with some of the greatest names of the genres present.

Radioaktive Children (a band interview)

Hello, guys, and many thanks for your time to conduct this interview. And without any delay, can you briefly (or in as many words as you want) introduce yourselves and RC to the readers of Rubber Axe webzine?

Radioaktive Children – Vomit from Cosmos

There is a real beauty in browsing otherwise half-forgotten, half-remembered pages on the internet, as many times one can find nice stuff there, folks. One day, still in a post-apocalyptic mood after hearing Enbilulugugal‘s „The Day After“ release, I started to browse other selectons of Dipsomaniac Distilleries, Izedis‘ own netlabel and what did I find…