Costectomy/Nyctophagia – “Drone Hunting Missionaries For Sport” (a 2021 split review)

After some time spent checking not so usual music with my other webpage Indokult, dedicated to the Indonesian music , I’ve started craving some more unhinged underground music again. To be precise, good old goregrind and gorenoise. No, I won’t call it a “fix”, haha, but truth is – sometimes it’s just what the doctor has ordered. You know…going full circle and so forth… read more

Graveyard nightshift with Silvester (Fondlecorpse)

Hello, Silvester, I guess it’s a silly question to ask the scene veterans like you, but there are still many people who might not encounter your band before, therefore, a legit question – can you introduce Fondlecorpse to the readers of the Rubber Axe webzine? What can you tell us about the beginning of the band? As you were active in bands before, did you want to do something similar to the material of those previous bands, or try a new direction? read more

skulls on the CD cover

Dies Holocaustum – Scorched Promised Land (digital album review)

Since I’ve arrived to the UK I’d been wondering why metal is not more popular on these shores. Think about it – how many great metal bands from Britain you know? Yeah, exactly, quite a loads from basically every metal genre. But, unfortunately, metal is definitely underground here in the UK. Good thing? Bad? Hard to say, but what’s definitely a great thing is the fact there are so many bands to discover in what amounts to almost endless suply. read more

Examining the Massive Gore Bulge (afternoon chat with Max)

Gorenoise. The Rubber Axe webzine is still dedicated also to that subgenre – or niche genre, if you will – of extreme underground music, and with new projects and recordings popping up left and right, I am obliged to see what’s new in the scene, right? read more

From Dethbridge to Westeros (spending time with Desi Wood)

Good things come to those who wait, the saying goes. And it’s no exaggeration when I say that I’ve almost given up of having Desi’s answers in the Rubber Axe webzine, but sometimes just things have their own peculiar way to reach us. read more

Locked down in Russia (an interview with Sergey Krechetov)

We’re no strangers to Russian underground scene – but we’ve only started to dip in the large reservoir of the sounds and noises coming from there. That’s why I always welcome the opportunity to learn more about various artists/labels from Russia. You could be familiar with Olga Tlen (and you should), and now, let’s welcome another noise artist – Sergey Krechetov. read more

Water Bottle Bong / job4abrokeback / Zombie Raiders (digital 3-way split review)

During the conversation after finishing our video interview Ian Berling has mentioned the upcoming 3-way split which would feature his band Zombie Raiders. And to his surprise (and my delight), the material was already released just a day before! Talk about good timing! read more

Black Fucking Cancer / Gloam – Boundless Arcane Invokations (split review)

The year of 2019 saw some pretty cool releases, and while it’s taken time to check many of those (well, they are really many to check), it’s still better to hear some later than never. read more

Barkasth – Hear My Void (digital promo review)

This one is with me for some time, and finally I’ve kicked myself in the ass to give it a listen. That’s not a fault of Barkasth, I just haven’t been in a mood for black metal storm lately. read more

Going Russian (J. R. interviews Excoriation)

Excoriation hails from Russia. A three-piece band from the Moscow area offering up splattery and slammy death metal. Their self-titled debut album on New Standard Elite remains one of my favorite death metal albums to blast in the car. Heavy, unrelenting, absolutely bulldozing music which puts me in a nice meditative state! Perfect driving music! Keeps me sane in a world of terrible drivers. I mean seriously, would you rather sit in traffic listening to some blabbering on the radio or put yourself in a mental trance of heart-pounding blastbeats? I choose the blast. read more