Noise Nazi / Bagman / Ekunhaashaastaack – Bondage Reality (3-way split review)

Dark clouds over the horizon, rain is coming soon and what’s better to mess your day even more, than to get some good disturbing HNW in your player. Especially some long time sold out, hard to find, limited stuff.Do you agree? Yes? Of course, you do. read more

Shitnoise Bastards / Dental Work split

Shitnoise Bastards / Dental Work – split (CDr review)

Ah, the lovely sound of noise in the morning! Guys, seriously, I have to say I’ve really missed listening to music and writing reviews for the last week or so while being busy with my (now previous) employment. But a very important lesson learned – 12 hours shifts suck (they always did) and you can’t do much with such a working schedule. read more

Hepephillia / Fibro-Plasia – split CDr review

One kiss is all it takes, sings Dua Lipa and – because no one in their sane mind listen to such trash – I’m gonna paraphrase her silly statement – one gorenoise CDr it takes, to fall in love with the genre! And as a proper “addict” of sorts, it’s only logical (says Mr. Spock) I’m not gonna stop reviewing this long neglected genre of underground extreme music. read more

Make noisecore great again (an interview with Michael Kölz/AxRxLx)

With our exploration of the underground we can’t avoid another noisy genre, and this time we’re gonna talk to Michael Kölz, the noisecore/grindcore musician and owner of the AxRxLx label from Germany. read more

When the sound implodes (a conversation with Tim Burkland)

Hello, Tim, how are you doing these days? I know you’ve been busy creating some new material, right? read more

Norfolk Trotter – Paramoudra (CD review)

I won’t say I don’t know nothing about the many underground genres, in more than 20 years I have had the opportunity to learn a lot. Sure, I don’t listen to many niche genres regularly, but at least I try to have a little knowledge about them. read more

Black Sheet Servitude / Odour Sonour – Shadows Devouring Shadows (CD review)

I have this nice split CD in my possession for some time now, but it has eluded my proper attention, I guess one have to be in a mood to evaluate this stuff. We’re talking about power electronics, industrial noise, harsh noise wall stuff here – quite obviously a very niche genre you’re not gonna find playing on your mainstream radio station. read more

The illustration of Skull Dungeon netlabel

Skull Dungeon netlabel

(Note: this interview was done in the end of 2017).

Lorenzo Magni (Skull Dungeon label)From the bits and bytes (and megabytes and gigabytes….ok, you’ve got the picture) of the forgotten side of the World Wide Web hails this nice underground net-label, founded by my two good friends, Lorenzo (otherwise known as the singer of Septulchu and Enbilulugugal) and Izedis (founder of – surprise, surprise! – Enbilulugugal). And because friends support each other, I’ve decided to promote this collection of filthy, dirty, unlistenable sounds and noises to you, unexpected readers of Rubber Axe webzine.
Prepare to get dirty. Really, really dirty. You’ve been warned. read more