Feline Hemorrhoids – Abnormalities in Appearance (CDr review)

Now that was unexpected! OK, to give you an insight, this is a compilation of stuff by Zen Lopex’s another project, called Feline Hemorrhoids, released via his own DIY label Causticity Productions. read more

DxTxAxP – Demo 1 (digital review)

Long time ago, when I was so less knowledgeable about extreme musick, I’ve read in one Czech magazine (I think it was the early issue of Spark) about noisecore. More specifically, about 7 Minutes Of Nausea. read more

Neuropathy CD cover

Neuropathy – A Purulent Mass of Infant Cadavers (CD review)

Released in 2019 through Eyes of the Dead Production (Italy), Neuropathy offers 9 songs of pure goregrind to please the ears of pathological lovers of anatomy. And just to let you know, they are linked to another material (namely, Drowned Afterbirth) I’ve reviewed back in 2019… read more

Gagging and worshiping Napalm Death (interview with Sam Sandoval)

Continuing with our (I hope nice) habit interviewing the artists whose material we review, I was more than happy to have a pleasant chat with Sam Sandoval, the main person behind the noise grind (and Napalm Death worshipping noise) act Eyegag. What have we talked about? Have a look…. read more

Noise Nazi / Bagman / Ekunhaashaastaack – Bondage Reality (3-way split review)

Dark clouds over the horizon, rain is coming soon and what’s better to mess your day even more, than to get some good disturbing HNW in your player. Especially some long time sold out, hard to find, limited stuff.Do you agree? Yes? Of course, you do. read more

Shitnoise Bastards / Dental Work split

Shitnoise Bastards / Dental Work – split (CDr review)

Ah, the lovely sound of noise in the morning! Guys, seriously, I have to say I’ve really missed listening to music and writing reviews for the last week or so while being busy with my (now previous) employment. But a very important lesson learned – 12 hours shifts suck (they always did) and you can’t do much with such a working schedule. read more

Decomposed Birth / Infester – split (CDr review)

It’s weekend, people, it really is! And most importantly – it’s a weekend off my regular job (I could hardly wait for that), so I can relax enjoy the ocassional rain showers and also listen to some stuff I’ve accumulated here at the Rubber Axe’s HQ. Well, who wouldn’t look forward to such a plan… read more

When the sound implodes (a conversation with Tim Burkland)

Hello, Tim, how are you doing these days? I know you’ve been busy creating some new material, right? read more

Ov Scoville, noise and medical experiments (chatting with Zack Fogle)

Without a doubt, Zack is the man who is single-handedly responsible for starting my interest in gorenoise. Not that I haven’t been aware of the genre, just didn’t feel the urge or need to explore it to any extent. Everything changed, though, on that fateful summer day… read more

More gore than before (goin’ bonkers with Harry from CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE)

Those of you who follow the Rubber Axe webzine for some time know we are quite comfortable with basically anything. Drop some rock and we will listen. Drop some pop, and we have no problem with it. Any extreme metal? Certainly OK! Mumble rap? What about we bring some good goregrind instead, what do you think? read more