As you might know from the review we’ve published some time ago, these Italian brutalizers are quite pleasing to our ears, and as it’s usually the case, I’d wanted to know more about the band. The result is this little interview (unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, it was not ready before the last year’s Christmas, that’s why the first question).
Enjoy and stay brutal, folks!!

Hello, guys, and thanks for your time! First of all, how are you doing these pre-Christmas days? Getting ready to roll with Santa?

We work and look forward to Christmas holidays. We laugh !!! Sure, after drinking a nice bottle of brandy. We laugh !!! Apart from the jokes about Santa Claus, a bit of rest takes, to recharge the batteries.

OK, silly stuff aside – can you introduce our readers to the brutal ensemble known as Incivility Regurgitated?

The current lineup consists of Dave on drums, Rex on guitar and Beast bass-vocals.

Any changes in the line up?

Currently no.

Oh, speaking about line up, you were originally (if I‘m not mistaken) – or, better to say, at one time – a trio. What happpened to your drummer Danny? Do you look for his replacement?

Yes, once we played with Danny on drums, the co-founder of the band together with Rex. But after Danny’s release from the bend (we are still friends), we used the electronic drums, also used in our single album Origin of Macabre Extermination.We did not want to throw away years of hard work, looking for another drummer, so we decided to continue playing with the electronic drums, always better than not to play. After losing hope, one night during an exhibition, we met Dave playing with his band, the Necro, where he is the vocalist-guitarist. He must know us and buy one of our CDs, appreciating our work and sharing the interest in the brutal. After some time, we decided to call him, to ask if he would like to play the drums with us, since Dave also plays drums with the Unctoris, and it is an old acquaintance made on stage by Beast that at the time played bass with Estigia. The answer was positive and after the summer of 2017, we found ourselves to do some tests. We have been happily playing together for a year.

Looking to the band‘s history, it exists for some time now, your only demo was released in 2011. As I can‘t find any particular info, how did you exactly get together as a band, did you know each other from any previous bands or was it a chance meeting?

Beast played with Rex, with Apolocaust. Later Rex met Danny in a rehearsal room that he played with Desterador. Seeing the common attraction for the Brutal Slam, they tried to make a demo with four pieces. Rex thought of his friend Beast as a vocalist and after a short time the Incivility Regurgitated were formed.

Did you all play in any bands before forming Incivility Regurgitated?

As said Beast has played with the Apolhocaust the bass-voice and the Estigia bass. Dave plays with the Unctoris the drums and with Necro guitar – voice In the past he has also played with Homselvareg, Thee Seditius, Awful. Rex played with Apolocaust.

Incivility Regurgitated CD

Mentioning your demo, „Remains of Corpses“, what response did the demo meet?

Good, not having a label, we tried to advertise our pieces by themselves with youtube, facebook, concerts and so on.

Can you recall any particularly favorable or condemning review?

We have had some positive reviews on Encyclopedia Metallum, on youtube and facebook there are various comments and likes.

How many copies did you, guys, distribute?

The copies of the demo have been burnt at home, along with the cover. I think about twenty copies were made, almost all of them given away. Anyway, we uploaded all the demo [material] to the web for advertising.

Your first (and to date only) full length was released 4 years later, in 2015, through Death Metal Industry. How did you find the label (or did the label find you?

Eddy Smith (Death Metal Industry) is a friend, fond of Metal like us, and a serious, competent and reliable person, has also had the patience to wait for us when we had to adapt the pieces to the electronic drums, after the release of Danny.

What can you tell our readers about the co-operation between you and the label?

Behind Metal Industry, there is passion, seriousness, honesty, reliability, we found ourselves very well.

You hail from Milan in Italy, what the local scene in Milan looks like nowadays?

In Milan the scene concerning the metal but above all the foreign metal is a bit ‘off, even if lately, things are a bit’ changing. The extreme music in the countries of northern Europe is very much alive, in Italy this gender is not profitable, I think for cultural differences or discrimination related to religion and morality, so almost no one supports it, despite this cultural horror in recent years the situation has improved thanks to a few fans who organize concerts in a professional manner, we hope that continues so .

Any good clubs, promotions or friendly bands you could recommend to check?

The greatest number of concerts are made in Milan four in some interesting places, they could be, Blue Rose Club in Bresso, Central Rock Pub, Live Trezzo, the best promoters are Necroteism prod. And Tormenting steel. The most significant bands for us are Vulvectomy, Devourment, Kraanium, Goregasm, Impetigo, Mastectomy, Analepsy, Abominable Putridity.

How about playing live? Did you, guys, perform live and what do you think of playing live in the near future?

Playing at concerts is always a good emotion, the atmosphere, the people the fact that you feel almost at home, is still the right reward for the sacrifices made. Dave had to learn all the pieces so we were busy playing in the hall. We had a proposal to play in Leeds UK, but for some technical mistakes and also because we were not ready yet, we did not go.

Any gigs in planning?

We also hope so because we are ready now and we hope that our work can please, we look forward.

And, obviously, I can‘t help but ask about any plans for a new album, it‘s been quite a long time since the debut release. So, any new songs we can listen to any time soon?

Yes, we are also working on new pieces, we plan to go out with a new job, probably next year. In our Facebook page, we have loaded and loaded new pieces to test the ground.

As it is the end of 2018, what bands or releases did catch your attention this year?

Definitely the Meat Spreader !!!

Thank you once again for your time…any final words for our readers?

Thank you for this pleasant interview. We love music, we hope that the metal scene can have the place it deserves especially in Italy. Hello and Happy Metal to everyone.