two persons and asteroid impact

Asteroid vs. Earth (a movie review)

Well, they don’t make them like this anymore…wait, they do! It’s hard to say if it’s a good thing or a bad one, but they do make them like this still. read more

Fist of Steel (a movie review)

With Fist of Steel, what we have here it’s not the 1989 movie Fists of Steel with Carlos Palomino and Henry Silva, this singular fist has Cynthia Khan and Dale Cook starring in the 1992 movie (although sometimes the year of release is stated as 1991, so pick your favourite) directed by Teddy Page (under the pseudonym Irving Johnson). So that should clear any confusion one might have. Oh, and sometimes it’s known as Eternal Fist. You’re welcome. read more

Chernobog - Nuclear Bloodbath

Chernobog – Nuclear Bloodbath (EP review)

As it was mentioned already (I guess), Enbilulugugal went through a short-lived name change back in the 2001, when it was known as Chernobog, and under this name Izedis and Nebiru have released a nice little EP called “Nuclear Bloodbath”. read more

Enbilulugugal – The Day After

Post-apocalyptic themes are always a favourite for many artists, from filmmakers to sculptors, and, of course, musicians are no exception. read more