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Cyber Tracker feature image

Cyber Tracker (1994)

Cyber Tracker is one of those movies you’ve rented for the title and the cover art alone. And if you were already a bit versed in the vast pool of acting talent, then you...
Urbatarur album cover

Urbatarur – Urbatarur

The review of the debut material from these Armenian sludge/doom metallers, published in co-operation with my other website, (opening in a separate window, just so you know).
Tortured Corpse - Burial Mounds EP cover

Tortured Corpse – Burial Mounds (2024)

After some time spent listening to anything else but the good ole death metal, by sheer accident I’ve got introduced to this nice band from the neigbours from the north. Nope, not Scandinavia...closer...we’re talking...
Angmaer CD cover

Angmaer – Victoria Aut Mors

I’m not gonna say how great 2019 was for music, because it would be pointless. It was as great as 2018 and as 2020 will be. Some releases will become classics, some will be...
DxTxAxO deni cover feature image

DxTxAxP – Demo 1

Long time ago, when I was so less knowledgeable about extreme musick, I’ve read in one Czech magazine (I think it was the early issue of Spark) about noisecore. More specifically, about 7 Minutes...
Asphyxiate demo 2017 cover

Asphyxiate – Promo 2017

Continuing with my discoveries within the great Indonesian metal scene, one of the discs I’ve bought from my friend Dede (Inherited Production) is this nice 2-song promo from Asphyxiate. I have to say that the...
Paranormal Incident feature image

Paranormal Incident

Koľko ľudí, toľko chutí. A platí to aj pri kinematografii… toľko žánrov, radosť si vyberať. A dnes sa pozrieme na jeden z tých okrajových. Žáner tzv. „found footage“ filmov (teda filmov, ktorých nosnou témou sú...
Transorbital Piss Orgy - All Aboard My U.F.HO.

Transorbital Piss Orgy – All Aboard My U-F-Ho

From its modest inception, Rubber Axe webzine has been a loyal companion for those intrigued by the world of noise in its myriad forms. Delving into the abyss of this ever-evolving musical realm has...
Lost City Riders movie poster

Drowning: Lost City Riders

Lost City Riders, well, its title, has caught my attention almost immediately. I admit, I am a sucker for “lost city” stuff. I’ve watched the movie once before, but I don’t remember anything of it,...
Fragment Soul - Axiom of Choice album cover

Fragment Soul – Axiom of Choice

The link for these Greek doom melancholics arrived to my mailbox a long time ago, and I’ve almost forgotten about it. Yes, I know. Im am irresponsible sometimes. However, I’ve started my spring cleaning also...
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