As usual, I was totally unaware of this band and their album…so what? I’ve been immediately sold. The cover art of the CD is amazing and as a fan of extraterrestrial themes, what’s not to like here, right?

I am always hesitant when it comes to review older albums, as there are so many new releases almost everyday. But it would be just a damn shame not to talk about his 2014 release from German metal extremists in Rising Nemesis Records, Maximize Bestiality is 4-piece German SBDM ensemble and this is their only full length to date. Which is the shame, I’d say.

First things first, though, the CD booklet is terrific, but the text is fucking hard to read. Nope, I won’t ruin my eyes trying to read it. Sorry, that’s little disappointing, albeit that might be just one minor problem.

Now, I am not sure, but when Meghan Trainor was “all about that bass”, I suspect she might have referred to Jay’s bass playing, because OMG, I fuckin’ love it! That’s the kind of bass sound I love to listen to.

Obviously, other members of the band don’t stay behind and together they present a well mixed blend of well crafted brutality, topped by (now ex-) singer Alex (or Analex, if you want) and boy, he could offer some disgusting guttural vokills.

But what I was pleasantly surprised with is that ocassional sonic boom sound used in the songs. Totally dropped out of nowhere, it’s really like a sonic bomb blast from the outer space. Well thought and it adds to the total atmosphere!

The CD starts with an intro “Signs of Nano-Mechanical Defibration”, and the futuristic sound gives way to the instrumental part and very soon you’re gonna understand these brutalizers didn’t spend their time with the instruments just for fun. And bomb blasts!! Booom!!!! Fuck me!

“Sodomistic Female Degradation” is a title more fitting for Kraanium, I’d guess, but I’m not gonna contemplate about it, Yeah! It’s like being in a middle of intergalactic warfare.My heart and ears revel in this aural pleasure and I thank myself for a good pair of headphones I’ve bought some time ago. Really, can’t imagine listening to this on some shitty speakers or headphones. Again, plenty of changes in tempo, breaks, interesting riffs, and yours truly is one happy bunny. Me likes it! The song takes its time to introduce Alex’s vocals, but when he opens his mouth for the first time… let me tell you this, if you like slam stuff in a vein of Ingested, you either have this album already, or you’re looking for it right now. Seriously.

“Caustic Unction Of Ferocity” starts with the intro again and the quality musick experience continues with full speed. Nice bass intro…Boom again!!!In other words, if you liked the previous song, you can rest assured there is no change in songwriting. And that’s good.

Spoken stuff about proteins and virus opens “Expunged By Fatal Impulse” and the slamming bulldozer is on the move again. And then some wonder how can I listen to some albums on repeat – that’s why!

Another song, another intro and I think that might be some of that alien anal probing, but that unfortunate female in the intro to “ Intraocular Parasitic Entity” would certainly not sharing my enthusiasim. Well, shit happens, doesn’t it.

Number 6 belongs to “Disintegrated Through Ectoplasmatic Injection” and with brief into opener we are back in the now familiar territory of heavy riffs and machine-gun-like drumming. Boom again! Now I have to say for a brief moment I’ve thought guys had started to overuse it. And maybe they have, but that’s OK with me. I like it, therefore I don’t really care. I can indulge in something good for a while.

Straight to the point with “Visceral Breeding of Imminent Voracity” being lucky number 7. I’m not gonna lie, as with many other similar artists and their albums, even Maximize Bestiality starts to sound little “the same” later in the album, but I’d guess it all depends on the mood and the way of listening to the album. Let me explain. Listening at home, I probably would grow restless after 7 songs (which is still not bad), but as I usually listen to stuff on my way to work on the bus, I definitely have a different experience. Therefore, don’t take it as a negative comment, for it’s not.

And before commencing the album with tle last song, we have a pleasure of “Necrotic Muscular Anomaly” (track number 8), with midtempo start, oozing proper heaviness and I can basically repeat what I’ve written for previous track.

Last track of the Maximize Bestiality’s debut is “Aspects of Hypergravitonic Deconstruction” and it’s fitting finish to this quite a nice album.

I’ve managed to listen to this album a couple of times and I considered it well crafted debut. It might have its weaknesses, but those stem from the limitations of the genre (and to be honest, I am OK with these, I don’t really want any experiments within slam, just good ole brutal musick, please).

As for me, I am one happy listener here. I just need a t-shirt with the cover art. And the new album.

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