My mood for the Indonesian extreme metal still reigns strong, and as you know, there are literally hundreds of band waiting to be discovered! So I’ve decided to have a look at my CD collection to see something to satisfy my musical urges – and the random perusal of my modest collection has resulted in having this nice little album in my player.

It’s quite an oldie (considering it was released by Sulung Extreme Musick (SEM) Records back in 2013), and so far it’s the only full-length of Venomed. And if you’ve read the review of “Blessing of Disease” compilation here from some days ago, you’ll be familiar with thos guys already.

Only 27:36 long, the opening “Intro” will get you tuned in for a portion of solid brutal death metal with a steady portion of slamming as well, although I have to say it’s – surprisingly – more on the melodic side of thing. Still, don’t expect anything but great metal here!

Venomed band

And yes, “Victim, Supreme Brutality” introduces you to Venomed proper and their formula for success. It could be summed up like this – guys keep their songs in a reasonable length (the longest one, “Pedjah Gesang” is 3:40), in Pandu they have a great vocalist and the rest of the ensemble know how to deliver catchy, brutal songs with a good variability, so the album doesn’t sound like a 100th copy of something already heard. Specifically, some guitar riffs wouldn’t be lost even in a thrash metal

Guys combine native bahasa (Pedjah Gesang, Jelaga Pembarakan, Jalang Murka Neraka) and English (Victim, Worm In Throat, Rotting, Raped by Snake, Blood Sucker, Suicide) lyrics and the last track here is the same cover of “Suicide” by Brutal Corpse as featured on the aforementioned compilation.

Honestly, I am surprised those guys are not more known and it’s a shame there’s no other follow up material available. But guys are still apparently active, so there’s a hope!!!

Venomed live: