And again, we‘re swimming in the reeking slime of brutal death metal and goregrind, this time from a stronghold of great musick – Mother Russia, dear folks!

Today we‘re gonna please ourselves with a second full-length of Samara‘s own goregrinders Sukkuba and their 2013 album „Pornoslavie“ (just in case you don‘t read the link you click on, you know). Well, I am quite sure now these nice young guys don’t attend their local church very often.

Released through Nice To Eat You Records (owned by the Vláďa Prokoš of Fleshless), this nice little album contains 14 songs in only 21:12, and with the longest song of only 2:20, you know these maniacs don’t have time for long compositions, lol.

Well, but seriously, as Phil Collins used to say, this is pure goregrind/BDM as it should be. Guttural vokills ocassionally change to pig squeels, but not too often to become boring, but I can’t help it – I like the snare. Snare beats in goregrind/BDM usually kill and this is not an exception.

I can’t forget to mention nice intros in Russian, I do understand a little now and then, but overall I have no clue what the fuck is spoken, but after intros in English, Spanish, Italian, Polish…Russian is more than welcome! And who am I kidding, the whole album is in Russian, not that you would notice.

Also nicely done is the booklet, styled in the way of pseudo-icons, well done!

The only downside of it is – the album, although well produced and well played, is also well generic. Don’t take it as some negative critique though, if you like BDM and/or goregrind, you will like this album and there will be no reason not to play it. Just don’t expect anything extra-genre-defining. It’s not.

Summa summarum, if you are a fan and you want to support the scene, get this album, you can’t go wrong. But if you new to this genre, you might want to pick up some more genre-defining albums.

Get it directly from Nice To Eat You Records and support the independent record labels!