Another Chilean band in my drive, this time it‘s a brutal death metal act with a lovely name of Pedofagia and their debut album from 2015 (although also dated to 2014, so go figure) entitled „Torturando la Infancia“, with a fitting CD cover to go along the lyrical concepts of murderous pedophilia and serial killings of infants. Lovely.

I can vividly imagine the horror of many unsuspecting members of public unskilled in tongue-in-cheek lyrics and shock-horror approach of many metal bands, but obviously, I don‘t think this Chilean trio goes on any kids-killing spree to get inspiration for their lyrics. Or maybe they do, what can I know, right?

Anyway, back to the album. We‘re gonna deal with 30 minutes of pure brutal death tunes, which are distributed between 10 songs (9+1 instrumental). I have to say, after listening to various slam outfits and goregrind butcher ensembles, a nice old-school sounding brutal death metal album is really a balsam for my ears.

What I have to emphasize is the straightforwardness of the musick, with still enough of changes in tempo or drumstyle to keep the listener interested and although I won‘t pretend I can understand what is being sung, proper BDM vocals are also a welcome sound after being exposed to various slam pig squeels (not that there is anything wrong with these, of course). Indeed, the music of Pedofagia is simple enough, but far from primitive and unlike the case of technical/progressive, djent or deathcore bands with their high-level musicianship, this album works pretty well also on the subconscious level. In other words – push play and do whatever you like, you will follow the music naturally, even withouth paying too much attention.

One can hear the influence of US death metal, mainly in the faster passages, but with brutal death bands – and here with Pedofagia – I really love those slower passages, which underline the overall brutality of sound and evoke the slow, unstopable progress of the sickness these brutalizers offer.

Well, if you are a fan of old school brutal death metal band like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh and similar, you have something to look for. Pedofagia won‘t disappoint you.

And I really love the logo. Fucking perfect.