I have to admit I’ve had this promo for a long time now and for some reason I hadn’t written a review for it. Shame. Shame indeed. And I will tell you why right here, right now.

“Accursed” is a 2019 EP by Vale of Pnath, a US technical death metal ensemble from Denver (Colorado) and if you haven’t heard about them, you will do really well to check this band out. With lyrical themes about sci-fi, horror and Lovecraft, it’s really easy to see why one is drawn towards the band. Add to it the ability (and capability) of the band to play great tunes, you will only need to get past the initial intro “Shadow and Agony” to get totally swallowed by their musick.

Vale of Pnath band
Vale of Pnath

Fast, yet melodic, with great vokills (ocassionally double!), which are more in the vein of black metal vocals, to be precise (and they are fitting the music absolutely), yet not overtly technical (I will admit I am not really a fan of total technical stuff, however my hat’s off before anyone who is in this category).

Take into consideration, for example, “Skin Turned Soil”. That’s not a song – it’s a bloody hymn!

Well, to be fair, with stuff like “Accursed”, the song title which gave the EP the name, it’s little dubious if guys are really technical death metal, or going into the realm of black metal, but it suffices to say, this material slays everything in its way. No exaggeration here!

Vale of Pnath - Accursed cover

The EP contains 7 songs (5 + 2 instrumentals), clocking in 28:09 and you’re gonna want to spin this a lot, believe me.

I don’t think I need to write anything else. You’re either gonna get this CD and get addicted to it, or go cry home.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ValeOfPnathCO

Bandcamp: https://valeofpnath.bandcamp.com/album/accursed