I haven’t reviewed anything from the atmospheric black metal genre or any Dungeon Synth releases (which Forlorn Citadel represents), and it’s a shame. The only thing close was my review of Enbilulugugal/Tomhet split, but close is simply not the same.

This is my first encounter with Forlorn Citadel and thanks to this wonderful release it shall be remembered. Rightfully so, this Australian one-man ensemble proves that all you need is right ingrediencies. OK, you need to mix them skillfully. But then you don’t have to release shitty demos every two months. Just focus and do it right.

I am greeted by the material consisting of 3 songs, with total play of 20:10. It’s no surprise that the shortest song is little over 4 minutes, while the longest, final song clocks in almost 9 minutes. The last one (III: Loss) is also probably the most captivating. Very nice atmosphere here, people!

No blasting speed or razor-sharp riffs here. Forlorn Citadel revels in mid-tempoed music, with drums evoking the war drums on the battlefield. These are nicely and fittingly complimented by the underlaying keyboard melodies. And those, in turn, nicely accompany the guitar riffs. Top it up with something you would probably expect from the vocalist singing about battles and valour. And you have this material. Simple, right?

“Songs of Mourning” is an  advancement from pure Dungeon Synth from Forlorn Citadel’s 2017 demo “Dusk” That one was quite catchy with its melodies clearly inspired by the music from Middle Ages. Now, with those two being released as a compilation by the Northern Silence record label, Solace (the pseudonym of the musician) is working on his debut full-length. I am indeed interested to see which direction the project will eventually go.

For more information check Forlorn Citadel’s FB page.