Many, many moons ago I played in a band with a guy who calls himself “The Jury.” This guy is one of the greatest drummers I ever had the joy of playing and recording music with. The band ended… and we all went on to do other stuff. One day I go out to get some mail and there’s a package from Jury sitting on the fuckin’ porch.

When I opened it up I see a CD-R Demo with a big ass noose on it and it just says “Noose.”

I didn’t know what the hell to think. Was he sending me some kind of message? Was this a twisted death threat or some kind of voodoo suicide ritual? No… It was a demo of kick fucking ass Chicago metal.

Track 1: Witch Hunt. Vincent Price opens this song up with a famous-if-you’re-pretty-cool line. The scene is set. This is an entire demo about killing witches. Witch trials and the Inquistion and Satan’s girls being killed by small pecker politicians who posed as churchy guys back in the day.

I can’t figure out if Noose is into killing witches or if they are just doing social commentary. As you may know, I am a wizard. It kind of scares me to think a witch murdering band exists, that my friend plays drums in it, and he’s the fucking Jury!

Anyway this song is pretty fucking black. It hits you hard with the rhythm. It’s old school, and very pleasing to my ears. Good guitar from the Executioner. Grinding, grating bass from The Judge. Who the fuck are these people, Jury? Finding out you have friends that are into this court business you were always into is so fucking weird. I mean, you always called yourself Jury and it wasn’t until now that I figured out you really are part of a court but it’s some fuckin weird witch murder court.

Usually I make some kind of musical comparisons between bands. I’m only hearing an original band here. There are pieces of every god damn band in the extreme side of metal but there is nothing stupid going on. It’s rock n roll. I like that, especially the way it rolls during the chorus. Jury always liked that drum beat he does in the verse so I expect it throughout this demo. Witch Hunt! Witch Hunt! Very good opening track for a new band. There’s even a mosh breakdown in the middle. The only thing missing: Lead guitar.

Track 2: Confess Your Sins. I grew up strict Roman Catholic. You had to do Confession. I remember my first one. I was sure I was going to Hell after it because I lied. I just said “I’ve been good, Father.” I thought of Priests as Santa Claus like figures who would get me good shit if I wasn’t bad. I will never forget the bewilderment of his reply: “You haven’t done anything wrong?!?”

I said “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I was mean to my sister once.” He then told me to say 10 Hail Marys, 20 Glory Bes, and 10 Our Fathers. I went out the pew thinking “Oh, holy fuck, I’m going to burn for that.”

This song pummels you in the face while saying “Confess!” a hundred times. I don’t wanna fucking confess obviously, so no thanks.

There’s that dreaded drum beat from the Jury. The drum that says “I’ve been watching your court case and I’m going to vote GUILTY on you.”

Fast, good song. I really like it but it’s too fucking short. Short Black Metal is good, though. Most would like it. I just wanted it to go on for another minute or so. I didn’t have time to even say 2 Hail Marys during this song’s duration!!!

Track 3: Burned At the Stake. Ah, I really like the drumming/riff on this one. It twists and turns into a moshy break. Now when I say “moshy” I don’t mean the things you hear in nu-metal and all that. I refer only to real moshing from the 1980s. This song has a part for that. And it just keeps evolving. I don’t know who the main songwriter is here but I really like what he did on this one. It’s different than the other two songs which are more of the “I’m hitting you in the balls!” variety. This one is kinda like the (favorite of mine, too) “I’m hitting on this hot chick who really likes my guitar playing and I know that I will score tonight so leave me alone man.”

I’m digging that they aren’t doing guitar solos now. I think it would detract from the riffs. These aren’t Yngwie riffs or anything, but they are melodic and badass at the same time, and remind me of Pungent Stench and other bands I listened to in high school.

There is another “Noose” from Chicago so make sure you go to the right Bandcamp and get this demo. Order it from the band. It’s cheap and worth every damn penny, too.

I want to hear more than three fucking songs, but until then, I can say this is a top shelf listen. The top shelf in the Office of The Grand Inquisitor.

Check out Noose if you like metal.