Dark clouds over the horizon, rain is coming soon and what’s better to mess your day even more, than to get some good disturbing HNW in your player. Especially some long time sold out, hard to find, limited stuff.Do you agree? Yes? Of course, you do.

So for today I’m enjoying this 3-way split with Noise Nazi, Bagman and Ekunhaashaastaaack under the title “Bondage Reality”, which was released in 2011 by now defunct label Medical Malfunctions Records as their 4th release.

I know some of readers might think now…what’s the point of reviewing such obscure stuff nobody can actually can get hold of? Well, there is an actual answer to it..go figure.

So, this 3-way split is over one hour long (more precisely, 1:07:21 according to my player) and with the exception of Ekunhaashaastaack with just one track, Noise Nazi and Bagman contributed 2 tracks each.

Opening belongs to Noise nazi and the track “Eternal Circle of Rape”. I don’t know if it’s because I am getting used to listening to noise now, but this one is not as harsh as some other…actually, I might – to my own surprise – assign a label “relaxing HNW” to this track. Can you believe that? Oh yeah, and it’s 8 minutes long (8:02). Not bad start here, for now, my interest doesn’t fade away.

Second track from Noise Nazi, titled “The Gates of Sleaze”, is a little longer. Well, a little…it’s 20:30 and more harsh than a previous relaxing track, but it’s more varied and therefore, for a noise enthusiast, more interesting. Off topic – with noise recordings, I really like the distorted vocal layers, usually hidden deep in the beeps and grindings, and all that different noise stuff, and here you can spot ocassional use of vocal as an additional instrument. The aforementioned variability keeps the listener connected and by the end of it I might say that Noise Nazi hasn’t disappointed here.

Bagman starts with “All I Deserve” and hmmmm…do I like that one straight from the beginning! What I’ve said above about the vocal layers applies to this track ever more, here the vocal layer is audible and with the droning noise creating a nice and welcoming noise ambient atmosphere. I am actually falling in love with this track, it’s kinda appealing to me on the level I can’ explain. It’s that cold, devoid-of-any-emotions, harsh sound which corresponds with my current mood of nihilism… it’s 4:32 of well done harsh noise.

And it’s not the end, for Bagman, as mentioned above, brings also another song to the table, this one is titled “Cathode Fuck”. And if you liked the previous one, you’ll gonna love this one the same. Or more, as it’s little longer (4:43). All the ingrediencies of the previous track are here, but the appeal of the noise here is even more pressing. It’s like listening a message from the outer space telling you you’re fucked. Well, that’s what it might actually announce. But it’s really brilliant – and that’s coming from me, a guy not addicted to noise, so you better take notice.

Last track, the only track by Ekunhaashaastaack is titled “Stockroom” and we’re exposed to yet another face of HNW. And although it starts in that ambient-ish way, it soon evolves into the full-blown HNW bulldozer. As a longest track here (it’s 29:33) it shares the characteristics of the long Noise Nazi’s track, but in the nice Asian way of saying…same, same, but different. Yes, it’s hard to describe it, but I really dig those short moments of squeeling noise between the segments of the song. I still prefer shorter compositions though.

Saying this, I’d say that although all three artists have something to offer, Bagman certainly comes out as most interesting here. But other two are close to him, therefore this CDr is going to the “repeated listening” pile of noise.

What is a message for you here? It’s simple. If you are into noise, or getting into it, try to find this little CDr. It won’t be easy, but the result will be rewarding.