Khalasirna demo review is another classic example of social media being used in the right way. You can bitch and moan about how much people spending time with useless stuff online, but the truth is, it’s really a blessing! Why, you ask?

Because, say…what’s the chance I’d meet Dimas from Khalasirna in person? You have to admit, the chances are pretty slim (nil, to be brutally honest, lol). But yep, we’ve met on Facebook and when he’d asked me to review their demo, I haven’t needed too much time to think. Especially when their first single “Voice of Anxiety” has set the quality bar quite high.

And, by the way – yes, we’re once again enjoying the talent of the vast Indonesian scene, namely from Bandung. I have no problem to admit I am pretty fascinated by that scene, so you can expect even more reviews and interviews from that part of the Earth. Believe me, bands from Indonesia really deserve the respect and praise!

Anyway, let’s get back to Khalasirna. Simply titled “Demo 2020”, the demo contains 3 tracks – one intro and 2 songs.

I’ve already mentioned the first single “Voice of Anxiety”, which had preceded the demo by a few months, and the demo release builds upon that single nicely.

Opening with the instrumental intro “Prologue”, Khalasirna lures the listener into the false hope of some nice and calm stuff, only to surprise them with ferocity of “Path of Tragedy”, which – I won’t hold it back – is the better of those two songs here and you can tell guys like the Scandinavian scene, especially Dissection (but I am reminded of Keep of Kalessin too). That’s always a welcome thing in my book, and the song is really likeable. Technical in some parts, furious and fast, with a great sounding vocal, which, at first, didn’t really hit me, but after a few repeats, yeah, it’s really like coming from a demon from Hell (I am not really sure if that’s gonna be considered a good or bad thing though). But I will argue this – no matter what kind of music you prefer and like, the melody and the great sounding chorals makes this song simply perfect. And imagining this song life…oh my, that has to be epic!

The second song (albeit the track number #3) is titled “Perish” and here we’re continuing the path..not of tragedy though, as I am pretty sure this is path to victory. This one is little different from the “Path of Tragedy”, more structured and containing more slower parts (although not for the drummer guy, that’s for sure). I am especially liking the dissonant guitar sound, that’s simply perfect. And that repetitive pattern before the song’s ending, just love it!!!!

Also, the melody is present on this track also and again, I have to praise Khalasirna greatly for this demo, as I am instantly back in the my old days, when you really cherished your tapes and play them again and again…this is the stuff I want to play again and again.

Yes, I can sum this demo review up simply by stating this – Khalasirna is one of those bands you’ve really encounter by chance. But because of the high standard, I am pretty sure I will keep those guys in my scope from now on. If you like black metal being done in a high standard, you should give yourself a good time listening to those guys.

The demo can be heard here: