Clumps of Flesh is another of more active projects of Bobby Maggard, as you could learn from the interview I did with this interesting underground promoter of gorenoise, but we’re talking gore/grind here. And luckily, it’s different enough to be recognized as separated project from Gangrene Discharge I reviewed yesterday.

Violent Nights of Butchery CDr cover.

Well, 10 songs in 20:42, so there’s a plenty of time to enjoy Bobby’s offering. Starting with “Violent Night of Butchery”, we’re greeted with greatly distorted guitar (or is it bass that distorted?) giving the song that dirty sound and from the very beginning I have to say I enjoy it. It’s a drum machine driven stuff here again, but the sound is different from aforementioned GxDx (fortunately).

Second song is “Erupted with gore” and we’re getting also a portion of noise wall here – nothing like a HNW, of course, it’s the structure of the song, which – although starts slowly – suddenly erupts into the steady flow of blastbeats and easy riffs accompanied with Bobby’s guttural vokill. Not bad, but the first song was better.

Clumps of Flesh logo

From so-so song to the fucking great one! The very moment I’ve heard the riff, I couldn’t stop thinking of an arcade games. Yeah, I don’t know why, but in my head I just see that crazy Pacman speeding up around the maze. And strangely, how the song you like ends so quickly (although it’s not that short). That’s what I call relativity.

“Knifing Newborns” as a title would probably give a soft-natured persons quite a few heart attacks, but I’m not here to pontificate about the offensive nature of goregrind and other underground genres. Of course, it’s disgusting, what did you expect? And you know what, I kinda view those shorter songs as sort of intros/intermezzos between the longer tracks, for those are definitely on a better side of things. Not that those shorts are bad, just, well…the longer the better, as one former female colleague used to say.

And “Slice” is another longer composition here, although it kinda resembles the track number 2, but the bassline in the start of the song gets a thumb up from me. I like that stuff…and suddenly, boom, blastbeats and we’re again in the middle of the relentless aural onslaught. Do you want some tupa tupa? You’ll get some tupa tupa here in the middle of the song. …and you said you couldn’t dance to goregrind…silly you. 🙂

“Malicious Savages” is the shortest track on this album, reminding me of my time puking my guts out from being infected by rotovirus – or whatever that winter bug was – a few years ago. Don’t laugh, those short outbursts of blastbeats and gutturals perfectly capture that not so funny moments in my life. And yes, better I prefer to listen to this than to worship the god of porcelaine.

Tupa tupa again in the beginning of “Crazed Backwood Lunatic’s Rampage” and with the nice guitar riff here! Definitely nothing to please our prog friends, but if you can’t please the prog, please the frog (sorry, just couldn’t help it, haha). But say what you want, this stuff develops my mood in a very positive way. I’m smiling and enjoying the music (and sipping my coffee, so you have the full picture). Yeah, this punkish like riff is definitely worth listening to, just wish it was used little more.

“Grizzly Beheadings” is quite probably not about your childhood Winnie the Pooh memories, although who knows, right? Bobby probably knows the material is getting to sound little generic, therefore the varied structure of the track, although for me this one is not the best one here. Don’t know…just not enjoying it as much as the others.

Bobby Maggard

“Double Mutilation” is like a bulldozer on speed, and the drum sound (especially in the blastbeats passages) is better than in previous songs, that’s definitely a positive here. Again, the songwriting is coming with a structured song and unlike a previous “Grizzly Beheadings” this one is way way better.

The last one is also the longest one, it’s like Bobby wawing goodbye but not want to let go and what’s better for the goodbyes than getting “Hacked In the Head For Hardcore Snuff”. For me, it’s a great finish to a great goregrind session.

I kinda miss intros though.

Anyway, Clumps of Flesh prove to be quite enjoyable experience and I am sure – if you enjoy the extreme genres of music – you’ll gonna enjoy it as well.

But hurry, this stuff is very limited so if you want it – get in touch with Bobby ASAP.


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