Another great, and I really mean great, release from ever prolific Zack Fogle (whom I’ve interviewed not so long ago), this time it’s another of his projects – Gangrenouse Erythromelalgia – with the yet another fantastic unreadable logo.

I was curious – what is it gonna be this time? Gorenoise? HNW? Goregrind? Well, indeed, it’s goregrind time, folks!

Just little over 10 minutes (10:12 to be precise), this hydro-based slime offering start with a nice intro an fuckin’ hell, do I love intros, outros and anything you can throw in between!

Tell you this, if you have hard time to get into more extreme of Zack’s bands or projects, there is a hope for you, as this one is more accesible. Yeah, easy to say for me, right?

For those of you who need to know everything, this release contains 19 tracks total. And those titles… what’s not to love in titles like “Alternative Cadaver Anal Lubrication”, “Forced Stapling Of A Penis To a Lesbian Cunt” or “Trying To Eat My Own Cum After Climax”! Well, that’s quite certainly not for easily offended or crybabies, but if you know anything about extreme underground music, you should be accustomed to it by now. Or go listen to Nikki Minaj or whatever.

Although the normal vokills might be more suitable, who gives a shit. In the end of the day, Last Days of Humanity have taught us vokills are just another instrument. There you go. Hydro Power rules!

Limited to just 50 CDr copies with a xeroxed cover…wait, what? Did you expect a digipack release? Lol! Nope, it’s a proper DIY release, and you should act quickly, because with limited stuff like this, it never lasts too long.

I don’t rate stuff, but I’ll give it a few amputated fingers, that’s for sure. Available from Subliminal Facial Productions and all good underground goregrind/gorenoise distributors.

Check this and other GxEx stuff here: