Thanks to Bobby M. from the Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions I have the opportunity to review the material from one of his many projects, namely “Gore Torture” by Gangrene Discharge (and in the case you don’t know who Bobby Maggard is, you might check a kickass interview with the man).

Bobby Maggard from the Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions
Bobby Maggard

We’re talking 14 songs in 14:18, so pretty standard length for goregrind/gorenoise stuff (and in some cases even too long, haha) – and believe me when I say this stuff fuckin’ kills.

Instead of hydro-based vocals present in quite a few gorenoise releases I had the opportunity to review, this one has proper guttural gore vokills and the grinding musick to match.

As I’ve mentioned in the review of the 4-way split of Anal Floss Is Boss & Co., in case of one man bands/projects it really boils down to the sound of drums for me. No flat samples, this drum machine works the charm, although in the blastbeats it still can’t beat a proper human drummer. Or can it?

Gangrene Discharge logo
Gangrene Discharge logo

And when somebody wonders why Gangrene Discharge is great, it’s because Bobby takes care to do good stuff and doesn’t forget also the sound production. Yes, I said that – a fuckin sound production! The drums sound like drums should, riffing is huge and with the bass it creates an inpenetrable sound topped with the great vokills on top of it. Would you like this cake? I would, that’s for sure.

I’d say, if one discards the gurgling vokill which is quite typical for the gorenoise, this nice release could pass for a standard goregrind without a second thought (so if you still hesitate about getting the copy, now you know you have to). And, believe or not, it’s fucking melodic as well (for example, the 3rd track titled “The Infestation”). As for riffs, Bobby certainly knows how to play good musick.

Now I am pretty much stoked for the rest of Gangrene Discharge material, to be honest, as what I hear here is quite certainly stuff I can listen to in a few more repeats.

This limited release (33 copies) was recorded in January (tracks 1-8) and March (9-14) 2019 and it’s one of quite a few releases from still a current year from the ever prolific Bobby.

I don’t know about you – but I am a new fan of Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions.

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