Trollfastheart is Black Troll Metal from Spain. A man – or troll – named Kadgar is the sole member of this group.

I bought this 2014 CD because the name of the album intrigued me. “What?! An Old Pot for All?!” is a really good title, if you ask me. Upon listening, I wasn’t disappointed. This really is Black Troll Metal. The music is Black Metal – not raw black, which is my preferred style to listen to – but it contains enough interesting things to keep me coming back.

Track by track:

Beware the Troll Laws. Beginning with a slow tempo that reminds me of Bathory and Crebain. The song begins to pick up steam… these vocals by Kadgar are pretty cool. They aren’t the normal Black vocals. He does indeed sound trollish. The drum programming makes me think of Crebain. Shades of Midvinter. There are quite a few moments where I think of Crebain throughout this album, but I don’t know if Trollfastheart is influenced by that band at all. It just comes to mind with the riffs and drums – not that this is a rip-off in any way! I love Crebain so it wouldn’t matter if Kadgar did rip him off. I want to stress that I always obey the troll laws when I am in the forest, swamp, or on bridges of any sort. This song made me think “This guy’s a fucking genius!”. It stays midtempo for the most part but it isn’t boring. Kadgar is a good songwriter and guitarist.

Croack! Nests of Frogs! – Here we go into the nest of frogs. I love this song. This is old school black metal, not in the sense that it’s got raw production (if anything it’s overproduced – I am a black metal purist) but it has charm and magical power. In fact, now that I think of it, Kadgar’s voice is quite froglike.

The chorus “Nests of Frogs! Nest of Frogs!” is something you won’t hear anywhere else. This album is very unique in some ways.

In this tune, the guitar riff shines because it isn’t doing normal BM shit. The first track is fairly normal, kind of conventional in the guitar (which I like, don’t get me wrong). In this song we have a more rock approach not only in the marching style beat but the guitars are very much rock. As the song moves on it gets blacker, and I quite like it. Kadgar doesn’t bore me. His music is played extremely competently and it has nice twists in the songs that make it – hate to say it since this is Black Metal – an extremely fun listen.

Torture for Acquitted Offenders. The midtempo blast beat accompanied by an interesting guitar riff that isn’t the same thing you hear from every other stinking band, and I like it. What I don’t get is what the song title is referring to? The song picks up steam around the 2 minute mark and grabs you by the nuts, and I’m pretty sure that’s because you, the listener, are an acquitted offender. I think I figured out what this song is about. Killer metal, good guitar, troll vocals. I’m not sure I’d want to meet this guy in the forest. It slows down and the guitars swirl and I’m just going to reiterate that I love this shit.

Bizarre Audacious Fantasy. Bizarre and audacious indeed. The drum patter on display at the start of the song is different for BM. Like I said, this guy is original. He doesn’t stray THAT FAR from the conventions of BM, but when he does, like in the riff that forms 49 seconds into it, it’s very pleasing to my ears. You see, I’ve listened to Black Metal since it was a new thing. People would call it the “Second Wave” but before bands like Darkthrone hit the international scene, we weren’t going around calling Bathory “Black Metal.” We had Venom’s album “Black Metal” but everyone knows that’s just Motorhead singing about Satan. The supposed “Second Wave” is where the good stuff came from. The raw, 4-track, no production, brilliant demos and albums we got in the early 1990s are near and dear to me. During the early and mid-90s there was so much experimentation going on that you could tell one band from another instantly. What I’m getting at is this: I watched Black Metal go from a collective of wacky musicians doing things their own way, to a bunch of copycat children incapable of forming thoughts. Trollfastheart is a band that sticks out in a scene full of absolutely untalented garbage. The bands today that get attention are shit for the most part, and bands like this don’t get the recognition they deserve. I haven’t heard a guitar solo yet and we’re four tunes into this album, but the riffing is good, simple, and original. It’s not overly simple – half the bands out today couldn’t form riffs like these.

This song is an instrumental, and it’s good. A nice journey through the trees, as black metal should be.

What?! An Old Pot For All?! Wow, what can I say. After a full song with no vocals we are immediately thrust into this troll scolding us for something. The vocals are cool and original and I like how they flow. The riff’s simple, the drum is just pounding at you like a troll making some kind of obscure tool used for digging holes to find worms to eat and/or use for fishing!

This song doesn’t let up. It just kind of keeps hitting you. Many people 2 minutes in to this will be scratching their fucking heads. This is the kind of shit I enjoy. It’s different. It isn’t far out, but it’s different enough that it makes me give a shit. 2:40 or so we get a nice change of pace with clean guitar. This song is insane.

Remotest Feeding Methods. Bathory vibe in this one. Good original riffs halfway through. Picks up tempo in the end. The troll is still yelling about something. I don’t know what the remote feeding methods are. I feel like I should learn. This isn’t my favorite on the album but the album is so good that it’s not like I’m saying it’s a bad song. This one is just firmly regular Black Metal, except for the vocal which is Trolly as fuck.

Beheaders of Slag Alive. Good thrashy riff kicks the song off and flows directly into a standard BM riff. Reminds me of alot of stuff but is still good enough to not make me write this band off as copycat nonsense. It’s still holding my attention. There’s a riff I really like at around 1:30, where the bass holds the same note like a villainous Van Halen. It’s perfect. Beheaders of Slag indeed.

Hate Is Foolish Of Nasty Humans. AAaaaaah! Oooh! This song starts blasting away and barraging you with a fast paced troll vocal, slower but reminiscent of the title track. Double bass, midtempo onslaught. Usual twisting from riff to riff here. If I can say anything about this project/band – it’s that the riffs are good, and Kadgar actually thought about what the fuck he was doing. There are so many bands that can’t write a riff. This guy can come up with his own style of riffs. I enjoy hearing that.

There is a cover of Darkthrone “Circle the Wagons” on here but I don’t give a fuck about “Circle the Wagons”-era of my beloved Darkthrone, so I just will ignore that it’s here and leave it at that.

I recommend this album to anyone who wants to hear what Spanish Troll Metal would sound like. It’s an album that I return to sometimes just because it’s different than other records in the same vein. Is it the most special, crazy stuff out there? No, but it IS what it says it is. A troll that makes music. I need to listen to the rest of this guy’s albums. Well worth your support.