Long time ago, when I was so less knowledgeable about extreme musick, I’ve read in one Czech magazine (I think it was the early issue of Spark) about noisecore. More specifically, about 7 Minutes Of Nausea.

That, of course, has picked my curiosity and because I am open to all genres and experiments, I had to find out what’s that about.

DxTxAxO deni cover feature image

I am pretty sure readers of the Rubber Axe webzine are well informed by now, so without any further words…. DxTxAxPx, a.k.a. Death To All Politician is noisecore. That means, 43 songs in 4:45 total length.

With a guitar feedback between the songs for you to discern the individual tracks (now I’ve realized I hadn’t actually counted them), what you want me to say…noisecore is about the message, of course, not the music itself and DxTxAxPx has some thing to say about the society they (and basically we all) live in. And if you are familiar with noisecore, you know you’re not gonna get melodies, just pure frustration and anger. Which is right. That’s how it should be.

Obviously, I don’t think one would so much listen to noisecore only day by day (but one can, of course), but in times of need, when one (read – me!) needs to ventilate the anger, it’s the perfect solution. Short and to the point. Not to mention the fact I am really positively biased towards Indonesian and Malaysian music (which is probably evident).

Released in 15 (unfortunately, now sold out) CDr copies by Blazt Promotion (Malaysia) and available digitally as well, if you dig this kind of music, you should definitely check them.