Sun is shining, the light autumn breeze is in the air..time for some goregrind/pornogrind tunes! I’m going with my gut instinct and just choose stuff for the cover art. Remember buying records/releases because they have a great artwork on the cover? Yeah, some were shit, but majority was true to the stuff depicted. So today I’m going with it. And what did I choose?

Well, you know, because you’ve clicked on the link. It’s Jackhammer Sphincter Removal and their first release (2017, Testicular Records” with that great goresounding title. And by the way, it’s another project where prolific Ivar Malm features, this time joining hands with another gore enthusiast, Klyve Lewis.

a picture of Ivar and Klyve from Jackhammer Sphincter Removal
Ivar and Klyve (Jackhammer Sphincter Removal)

As I’ve mentioned above, although guys do mainly gorenoise, for this project they went to the dark, murky waters of goregrind/pornogrind (not that it’s that big jump, of course).

The album contains 10 songs (actually, intro + 9 songs)…and the intro, “Aducted Whore For Bong Rape And Beating Into Junk Of Splattered Pieces” introduces some serial rapist/murdered (excuse me, I was lazy to research who the fuck that piece of shit was) along with the first samples of musick we’re gonna enjoy, although it sounds more of a gorenoise variety.

But with second track “Foot Stomped Plastic Tits Of A Shit Eating Cocksucking Mutant Slut” we’re firmly in the goregrind area. Nothing too complicated, nothing extra-revelationary in the music, but if you like goregrind, you don’t give a shit.

“Smoke Putrified Sluts In A Bong Made Of Raped Flesh” … I can’t help but laugh at the song titles. That’s actually one reason I like goregrind – the outrageous song titles or lyrics. Obviously, a lot of “normal” people can be shocked, but stuff like that only brings smile to any extreme music lover worth his salt.

And next song actually proves the point: “Bukkake Asshole Penetration Of Several Raped And Stoned Infants”. I mean, c’mon. If you don’t see the obvious hyperbole and shock value of stuff like this, than you should stay away from extreme music. And while JxSxRx blasting their stuff through my headphones, I am recalling people were actually shocked by Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” album….

The mixing of gutturals and pig-squeels sound so strange here…but I think it helps to actually set the album aside from other similar sounding artists/bands/projects. We’re talking about “Execessive Axe Hammered To The Brain From A Psychopathic Mutant”, starting with great intro! And That “boom!” effect in the middle of the song – it’s similar to what Maximize Beastiality did on their album I’ve reviewed some time ago, and I still like it!

And if you’re not shocked enough – here is another one: “Feasting On Severed Bowels From A Cum Clogged Vagina”. Yummy, isn’t it? One wonders what kind of educational cinema guys watch, but it doesn’t take a genius to find out, lol. Be it as it is, I am enjoying it (I know, I am as bad as them).

“Eviscerated Clitoris Of Decomposed Esophagus Fucked Skank Covered With Infected Sperm” – I think guys actually use the whole human body (a female body, to be precise) for their song titles. I am getting a little bored here, though…but even then the music is good enough to serve as a background. I think this is better served in parts…

…but how can one stops listening to stuff like “Vulgar Dickhole Penetration With Fermented Poop”? And that “boom!” effect is here again, although I think it’s little overused (and believe me, I don’t say it easily, I f*ckin’ love that effect).

Oh, just when I wrote that …boooom! F*ckin’ boom!!! “Sickening Mutilation And Modification Of Ballsack Filled With Ebola Larvas” boasts of a fantastic song title and even better BOOOM! Effect. Goodness gracious, I’m taking back my words about overusing it! Bring it on!

The last one is “Necrophiliac Lust After Corpse Bitches” and it sounds different from the others, I don’t know, maybe guys recorded in apart from other material, but it sounds cool! Now that’s the variability I’m talking about.

In total, 23 minutes well spent. Kudos to Testicular Records, Ivar and Klyve to releasing this stuff and I think I’m gonna have a look for other two releases guys did in 2018. And you should too.

Download it for free from Testicular Records’ webpage: