Look what we have received! An early access to this nice compilation from Klast Records, according to their own description “Raw Indie Punk Label”. It’s their debut compilation and due to be officially released on August 2nd (this year, so obviously, 2019, just in case you’re reading this review like 50 years later, you know).

And here we have 7 artists you very probably have never heard of, and it’s commendable someone (thanks, Miles!) did take his time and effort to present those obscure/unknown/less-known musicians to the world.

As someone who can appreciate how much sweat and tears (sometimes literally) it takes to actually start a band and do something with it, I can say without any doubts that I was quite surprised by the songs presented here. But let’s list them and see what they have in store for you, the listeners.

The comp opener is Karb King and “When Skinny Has Friends Over”. That’s one helluva start of the compilation, folks. Starting with some rockabilly-like guitar tune, we’re quickly introduced to insane drumbeat and frenetic guitar work, topped with similarly crazy vocal. Strange, and definitely not for everyone, but hey, it doesn’t sound half bad!

Unlike Karb King, Johnny Chronic has two songs here, and the second track you can find is „Look What You Did To The Setlist, Asshole”, a nice little (just 48 seconds) raw indie stuff, and although I don’t usually listen to this stuff, I am not put off by it and the fact that I listened to the whole comp without skipping a track several times confirms the fact.

Chronophasia has also two tracks, and the first one here is “French Moments”. And that’s one crazy song. I like the vocals and music is interesting also, this kind of a laidback indie, with some nice ideas thrown in. I can’t decide what the hell the guys actually play, but it’s strange and attractive. Weird in its specific way.

Eunoia, another band with two songs, “Voluntary Isolation” is something you would expect from indie rock band with a female vocalist (edit: to my surprise, I’ve learnt the vocalist is actually male. I wouldn’t have never guessed. My bad and sincere apology to Eunoia). Nice vocals and musically also well played.

But next song, ladies and gentlemen, it’s my personal highlight of this compilation and I have to tell you, I have almost just pass over it. We deal with a metal piece, or, probably better designation would be metalcore/grindcore…but my jaw has dropped when after the waves of vokills, blastbeats, double drums suddenly started that guitar solo piece. What the hell was that? Abso-fucking-lutely amazing!!! Plus that bass in the background, I was so impressed I had to put the song on several repeats. Really, I can’t praise this song enough. Oh, I haven’t mentioned the artist, right? Silly me..it’s Undying616 and “Crawl”.

Paranoid Celluloid and “Gangster Punks” is next. The quality of recording sucks, but it only adds to the atmosphere of this punk/hardcore band, so if you are into that genre, you would appreciate it more than a regular listener. I was not really that much impressed, but I’m not totally disappointed.

Johnny Chronic and another shortie here, 47 second of punkish inferno called “I Have Neither Patience Nor Hearing For Your Dumb Shit” and it’s the shortest piece of this compilation. The introductory melody reminded me of old Czech punk group and that’s plus always. And it’s also a proof you don’t need to produce 15 minutes long track to get your point straight…to the point.

Undying616 bringing their second offering in a form of “Tempest” and although it’s more polished than “Crawl”, I like the former little more. But again, bass work here is amazing!

“Mist Enveloped the Boat” by Chronophasia underlined their love for using some effects on vocal (or whatever it is) and again, I liked their previous “French Moments” more. Not bad a song here, just not that catchy, I’d say.

Piss Stink provides only one song, and “Smells Like Piss Stink” is an attempt to somewhat cover Nirvana’s most famous tune. Raw punk way, of course, but I have a little mixed feelings. I don’t mind the amateurish production (that wouldn’t never distract me), but the interesting part (the end of the song) is just too short to make the song likeable as a whole. Sorry.

But the last track, the second song by Eunoia, again sets mood right. Nothing changes, it’s indie rock in it’s purest and there’s nothing to dislike. And although I have already mentioned it, this female vocal works for me.

Summed up, if you like to discover new artists, or new stuff generally, you shouldn’t pass this comp over. It might not offer always the future rock stars, but it has more than a good variety of genres and songs. And I am sure almost everybody can choose a song or two to like here. Me, I just go and find more info about these obscurities – so stay tuned!

Check their other releases here: https://klast-records.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: @klastrecords