Well, after a really necessary break I am back with yet another gorenoise review! What, you didn’t expect that? C’mon…really?

Anyway, you might recall that Stefano from Corpus Luteum Cyst has started his own label called Sialorrhoea Production and from the stuff he’s put out already I have reviewed Anemia, Concrete Eater and Red Pulps Cords and today I picked up this nice split with Bobby Maggard’s yet another!!!! project Necrocyst and Stefano’s project Miastenia Gravis under the title “Massive hemoperitoneum on opening the body on the autopsy table”.

The split itself is not long, we’re talking 9:42 in total length, so if you have, like, 15 minutes work break, you can easily eat your sandwich and still be able to enjoy the music..pardon, noise.

And what noise is it?

Opening is the pack of untitled tracks from Necrocyst and this wall of noise is nicely complemented with distorted vokills almost bordering on hydro-gorenoise stuff. Again, I’d say this stuff has unexpected relaxing qualities – at least for me, but I bet my ass there are more people who would agree – really, one would expect the uneasiness and feelings of rejection here, but nope. Well, maybe I am so used to it, or it’s really that good. (Psst…it is!).

Miastenia Gravis is a totally different cup of tea. The drumming of “Pathophysiology of the exocrine pancreas in cystic fibrosis), which is the name of MxGx’s side, is recognizable even in it’s distorted form and the whole noise wall here is on the harsher side, appealing more to the lovers of uneasy listening. Still…under the layers of the noise there are a pieces of melody peeking out from the aural chaos, mainly due to different rhythm (but I’ve been deligthed by the occassional bass line being audible), and that makes the recording interesting.

Necrocyst / Miastenia Gravis CDr split

Both projects have their distinctive qualities, and I’d be hard pressed to pick the better one here. OK, for the relaxing and therapeutic effect I’d go with Necrocyst. For the interesting take on the gorenoise drumwork, definitely Miastenia Gravis. Yep, I’ve told you, hard to choose. 🙂

Anyway, if you want to enhance your collection of some great stuff, give shout to Stefano, get a copy (if it’s still available) and give yourself something noisy for upcoming Christmas.

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/stefano.pigato.31