I haven’t mentioned Bobby Maggard for a while, have I? Well, today I will, as there’s this nice 2017 release of yet another project of his, namely Hydrocephalus with the title “Do You Have To Go To Medical School To Be A Forensic Pathologist?” and I am just in the right mood for some great gorenoise stuff.

OK, as for the title – I do believe you have to go to medical school for that, but there are quite a few competent amateur pathologists in gorenoise/goregrind circles for sure and Bobby M. could really do an autopsy or two without any hesitation!

Hydrocephalus doctor

Limited to 40 copies, the CDr contains 4 parts from different sessions, two from January 2017 (tracks 1 and 2), third track from November 2015 and the last one from April 2016. Nice time period it was, indeed!

All parts are untitled, and musically we are somewhere between blowing the bong in the Terminator-infested future and noise ambient for the first 2 tracks and harsher, more drum-oriented work on the last two tracks, the oldest one from 2015 is the harshest track here.

Personally, for today I prefer the more ambient sounding gorenoise, but I am thankful for the variety, and it shows Bobby is developing his sound over the time.

I am not sure about the availability of this CDr, as with the limited number of copies it could be pretty much sold out, but if you have never encountered Hydrocephalus, you owe it to yourself to try it.

Check: http://regurgitatedstomastewprodsgorelabel.blogspot.com/ for the availability (and if it’s sold out, you can try some other offering from his vast catalogue) and read our interview with Bobby Maggard as well!