The sounds of running chainsaw…what a sound it is! And exactly with this sound Bobby Maggard starts another Clumps of Flesh release, this time it’s a mini-album from 2019. That doesn’t say a lot, as Bobby has put out some other CoF releases this year also (and I’ve already reviewed another 2019 release, “Violent Night of Butchery”), but you know…just to keep you in the loop, so to speak.

And if you know Clumps of Flesh’s output, then you either run away..or checking your pocket money to get another release to your never finished collection of limited Cdrs and CDs of obscure and unknown bands and projects. Exactly as I do.

So, what do you think you have here? The great intro to get you in the mood and then just feel the nice sounding “Eviscerated Alive With a Rusty Chainsaw”. Although bass sound is fucking vibrating through my headphones, I have to say.

3rd in the row is “Open Whore” is even heavier on bass sounds, but it’s goregrind, so no one can actually complain. I instead will praise Bobby’s inhuman vokills again. Yeah, musick is simple and ranging from computerized blastbeats to tupa-tupa polka, and that’s great. I like this variety.

The number 4 song is “Grotesquely Dismembered” and if someone will try to tell you – or convince you – that goregrind all sounds the same, you can tell him off and play him this one. Still, bass is too high on that. I am not sure if it’s a deliberate decision or problem with mastering, but it’s kinda ruining the listening experience now. Damn!

Again, the song titles rule, as it should be evident from title of the 5th track. What would you visualize with a title as “Severed Head In a Hacked Up Torso”? Yep, exactly that. Did I tell you I am falling in love with this stuff? Not that I am afraid of Bobby’s severing my head from my body, it’s just actually pretty melodic for a goregrind stuff and I love some melodic, yet heavy, grinding shit!

“Exhumated Perversions” is the shortest song here, and I have to commend Bobby for it, it’s catchy, but the songwriting (yes! I’ve used this word!) is really full of unexpected moments. Very nice one.

The drums’ opening for “Macabre Butchery” has already get me where Bobby wants me. OK, I am exaggerating a little (hopefully), and this song has everything one wants from goregrind one man band. I’d even go as far as stating (for the record), this is getting progressively better and better. The bass overdo is still here – again – but this time it doesn’t sound disctracting, so complete satisfaction from my ears. They are not bleeding, which is OK too.

Obviously, we’re gonna continue grinding, sawing, mutilating and enjoying the inhuman gutturals in “Blown Apart” as well, although now I am not blown apart the same way as when I’ve heard CoF for the first time, but for the first time here I have the feeling of the song just flying by me. It’s not a bad one, it’s just not as good as those previous ones. And you’ve thought it’s easy to play goregrind, silly.

“Bodies strewn All Along the Death House” but corrected that feeling with another great rhytm and noise section of the album. Just that bass…that unfortunate bass!

It really annoying now, because it’s present also in “Mauled” and it kinda ruins the pleasure of listening. Yeah, not happy about it ruining this nice song.

And last song here, the longest track of the album, is “Endless Massacre”, but don’t worry, it’s not endless. I said don’t worry? Nah, I meant, be sad!! Either way, this last one doesn’t displease my ears, so the final result is clear – a really solid goregrind experience. Not that I’ve expected anything else.

It’s limited to 40 copies, to act fast – order from Bobby’s label Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions or try to score it on Discogs.