I think you know already that Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions is the leader in releasing the gorenoise/goregrind material, I doubt that anyone will object to this observation (although, to be honest, there are quite a few great labels who are more than a solid competition to Bobby Maggard’s amateur forensic pathology efforts) and I am more than pleased to have yet another amazing split from his releases to review.

This time is the split between Stefano Pigato (Paraganglioma, but also other nice gorenoise projects such as Fetus Demersus, also running Sialorrhoea Production, another gorenoise label) and Bobby Maggard (here with his project Bowel Fermentation, check our interview with the man!).

Paraganglioma Bowel Fermentation

Running time is nice 13:41 and this is roughly halved for each project. Paraganglioma has only one long track here, but what a track it is! Titled “Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura”, this is what I call the ambient in gorenoise. It’s noise, sure, but the soft drumming in background creates such a nice relaxing vibe, you will pas 6:43 mark without even noticing it. Absolutely fantastic!

8 tracks from the creative madman Bobby are all unnamed and unlike Stefano’s ambient track, here is pure and genuine hydro-based rough gorenoise, ocassionally bordering and even entering the realm of goregrind (and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that!). Chaotic drum patterns and bubbling all around!

After finishing the last track (that’s the longest track for Bobby’s side of stuff on this split, clocking in 2:07), all I can say is – great split, but if viewed as a comparison, here, I have to say, Stefano’s Paraganglioma won nicely (but that’s because I am in a mood for the relaxing stuff, if you prefer harsher bubbly gorenoise, then Bowel Fermentation is the winner).

Whatever the result, this one rocks…or rots…you know.