This album opens with Botched Anastomosis J-Pouch. On their FB they describe or label themselves as “mincing noisy goregrind”. And I’m glad they do because it’s a spot on description.

I have another split with them with Gas Gangrene. I believe I prefer that one. Don’t get me wrong they do a good job here but I’m fairly certain their approach to the drums elsewhere is quantifiably better. As their part of the split rolls along you may find the guitar a little low in the mix. As it rolls on more you notice you’re diggin’ a riff. The vocals are pitch-shifted nicely.
Shortly after starting to review this split is when I realized how much more fun it is when bands name their tracks. Only Botched named their tracks. RxHxDx’s track is labeled as a rehearsal. K9H names their part, “as many tracks as you desire it to be”.

I tried to learn about RxHxDx (Repulsive Human Decomposition) but it seemed that if they used to have a FB that they no longer do. As I mentioned before, their track is labeled “rehearsal”. Let me tell ya – they sound ready to do it for real (lol, obviously a shite joke). It’s just real solid goregrind here. Something you’d know for sure you’d enjoy if you saw them live. (Because anyway, this was surely something that was performed live in a room.) RxHxDx is filthy and noisy. I have to admit I’m not sure how they’re achieving their sound even on the most basic level. You can play a game with yourself; Bass or vocals? Other parts, you know it’s vocals.

At about 7.5 minutes K9 Hemorrhoids has the longest side. This is the final and harshest side. You’re hearing gorenoise now. I’ve thought of a metaphor for this side – that K9’s session here is like a primitive multicellular creature. Or alternatively, a sentient gorenoise wall one could say – I’m saying it anyway. Because this isn’t a set pattern the whole way through. Changes come in the form of smashes on the cymbals sporadically. The constant is the bubbles. Surely you’re familiar with bubbles. This session does a lot of harsh noise style. It really is wall-like if you’re not paying enough attention. There is development or change here though.

This a solid split and if you’re into goregrind you’ll certainly enjoy this one. If it’s available, it’ll be available from Causticity Productions.