It’s weekend, people, it really is! And most importantly – it’s a weekend off my regular job (I could hardly wait for that), so I can relax enjoy the ocassional rain showers and also listen to some stuff I’ve accumulated here at the Rubber Axe’s HQ. Well, who wouldn’t look forward to such a plan…

So, my second coffee of the day is ready and I am putting this nice CDr into the player. Vermont’s mincecore duo Decomposed Birth joined ranks with Bobby Maggard’s Infester for this little split.

Decomposed Birth CDr cover of the split.

Clocking at 17:34 total, first part of the split belongs to those aforementioned goregrinders from Burlington/Rutland (VT), under the title “Rotting In the Acids Of the Distal Stomach Canal”. What do they bring to your aural pleasure?

Decomposed Birth from Vermont

Well, believe it or not, it’s full 10 songs of dirty sounding good ole goregrind as f*ck! Combining the elements of more developed grind with a noisecore chaos, and topped with the cherry of the distorted vokills, this duo of amateur pathologists try their best to give you a helluva great time here. Can’t say they failed, because they haven’t. And with songs like Fecal Microbia Transplantation or Rotting in the Acids of the Distal Stomach Canal (which, by the way, is also the final bonus track here), I hope you have your dancefloor ready.

Infester CDr cover

However, once Infester’s first song of its “Specific Procedures For Post-Mortem Examinations: Autopsy Findings IV” kicks in (and for the record, it’s a track named“Transsphenoidal Methodology for Omphalomesentric Duct Anomalies”), we’re on a totally different level here. Obviously, this is not meant to trash DxBx output (because it would be just unfair), but the nice production of Infester’s material just makes it a real pleasure to listen to. I guess I’m safe to say I really do prefer the cleaner sound of goregrind in the morning. Unless there’s something in the dirt of the sound catching my attention. Doesn’t happen that much, but from time to time it does.

The quality of Clumps of Flesh, another of Bobby’s projects (and I’ve already reviewed one CxOxFx release here in the Rubber Axe webzine), translates into Infester’s stuff here as well. Which simply means – if you like Clumps of Flesh, you will dig Infester (and vice versa). And, of course, if you don’t like one, you won’t like the other one. But luckily, both of those projects, being one-man bands of Bobby, are different enough so you won’t roll your eyes in boredom.

Well, so far the ride through the massive output of releases from the Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions is a pleasant and surprising one.

Now the question is – will we encounter something worthy of trashing? Hmm…now that’s a challenge, isn’t it?

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