My friend Lukáš, the goregrind/porngrind maniac from Czech Republic, has sent me stuff from his 3 projects and man! I’ve wanted to put out the review of this little demo (just 10:32) earlier, just the work commitments had prevent it. Well, that’s life of the working family man for you. But I’m not complaining.

Anyway, what do we have here? Tupagasm is a porngrind project, and apparently porngrind is the genre most talked about these days – although for not that great reason, but that’s nothing we can do anything about, but that doesn’t change the fact that we deal with tupa-tupa groovy style, something we’ve encountered some months ago with the split release of Piggy/Ejaculator Command (review here), and the fact also is that although I wouldn’t listen to this style all day-week-month-year long, once in a while it’s really refreshing.

So, tupa-tupa polka rhythm, downtuned as fuck guitars and bass, piq squeels and growling, ah, the heart of yours truly is bouncing with joy!

There’s no (re)inventing the wheel here, it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but who the fuck cares? Certainly not me, I appreciate the effort and it sounds good. Over 10 minutes of happy tunes and mood, and I’ve been listening to it for quite a time now, so go figure.

But better yet, go listen to it yourself and give Lukáš a thumb up! I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of this stuff and hopefully it will find its way to some CD/CDr as well.

Listen to it here: