Costectomy/Nyctophagia – “Drone Hunting Missionaries For Sport” (a 2021 split review)

After some time spent checking not so usual music with my other webpage Indokult, dedicated to the Indonesian music , I’ve started craving some more unhinged underground music again. To be precise, good old goregrind and gorenoise. No, I won’t call it a “fix”, haha, but truth is – sometimes it’s just what the doctor has ordered. You know…going full circle and so forth… read more

Black Fucking Cancer / Gloam – Boundless Arcane Invokations (split review)

The year of 2019 saw some pretty cool releases, and while it’s taken time to check many of those (well, they are really many to check), it’s still better to hear some later than never. read more

Decomposed Birth / Infester – split (CDr review)

It’s weekend, people, it really is! And most importantly – it’s a weekend off my regular job (I could hardly wait for that), so I can relax enjoy the ocassional rain showers and also listen to some stuff I’ve accumulated here at the Rubber Axe’s HQ. Well, who wouldn’t look forward to such a plan… read more

Zombified Humanity – 6-way split (CD review)

The sun is shining (somewhat) and what better way to celebrate a weekend than to play some goregrind, right? Yep, and I can finally insert this nice 6-way split into the drive and enjoy some catchy tunes. It was long overdue anyway, I‘ve bought this split CD quite a long time ago.