After two days of hectic working in the regular, paying job I am back on track with another batch of reviews and – hopefully – some interviews thrown in as well. One never knows here, that’s for sure!

And today I have another nice disgusting release from the mighty Inherited Production (Indonesia), one of those I’ve bought from Dede in one pack along with some already reviewed before.

Carnivoriumycally demo 2019 cover
Carnivoriumycally – Demo 2019 CDr cover

This time it’s Carnivoriumcally and their June 2019 demo called, well, “Demo 2019”. It’s short, it’s raw – therefore suitable also for fans of healthy lifestyle and vegans too! And as I’ve mentioned earlier with another review, it’s 8:11 playing time makes sure you’re finished while on your break or sending “post” through the white porcelaine seater! 🙂

Anyway, 8 minutes, 8 songs. The one which got my attention was “Jasmine Rose” for I’ve certainly haven’t expected such a title among the usual gore-oriented stuff (who would have guessed, said song is followed by “Gore of Mucus”). So yeah, that’s pretty funny.

Musically, it’s blastbeats through and through, with chainsaw-like guitars and low gutturals, so if you’re a fan of this goregrind style, then you’re in for a treat.

Guess who this is? 🙂

One thing interesting, the volume during some song is going lower and then back to the normal volume, I don’t know if that’s a glitch in recording or a deliberate manipulation, but who cares?

As it is, for a first demo, it shows promise, although after a while it’s getting too monotonous, the saving anchor is provided by a very brief intro for the opening track “Corrupting Disgraceful” and “You Fuck Fishy” (the last song). I guess, more intros would be good thing.

But even saying this, I’m not complaining, I liked it, and that matters.

Get it from Dede, if it’s not sold out already:

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And video for your viewing pleasure: