Gorenoise and goregrind certainly haven’t worn their welcome here at Rubber Axe HQ (and they will be with us for quite a some time to come), but today I am listening to something little different. No, not that New Kids On The Block album I am still in the middle of reviewing (and you know you secretly long for me to finish it), I’m not gonna make such great jump today…at least, not yet.

Violent Pacifists - Existence Is Futile EP cover
Violent Pacifists – Existence is futile EP.

I don’t know if it’s the Brexit thingy or something different, but today I’ve opted for Violent Pacifists’ 2019 release entitled “Existence Is Futile”. And sometimes I think this is very true (sadly, along with famous “Resistance is Futile” from Star Trek’s Borgs).

Of course, with grindcore we’re not that far away from goregrind, but I am welcoming the change – if for nothing else, then for the nostalgia value.

Political message aside (for I am not gonna get dragged into political commentary here), Violent Pacifists from Scotland bring a nice portion of old school grindcore with enough crust on top of it in the form of 9 hard-bitting songs, with a very nice sounding guitar and pissed vocals, and I am fondly recalling the time when I’ve listened to Napalm Death’s “From Enslavement To Obliteration” for the first time. Yes, the vocals sometimes remind me of Lee Dorian, but if that’s not good for you, it’s certainly good for me.

The whole release is just 5:21 long – which, of course, is basically grindcore full-length 🙂 , and you can listen to it all during one workbreak, but in all honestly I can say it left me craving more.

What else do you want me to say? Violent Pacifists play great grindcore and you can take that statement of mine to the bank (I can’t, they’re closed now), because along with Insufferable I now have two favourite Scottish grinders to listen to (and I am pretty sure they are not the only ones from the land of bagpipes and kilts to check).

Check it here: https://everydaymadnesseveryday.bandcamp.com/album/existence-is-futile

and while there, check also other stuff from Everyday Madness Everyday Records – and also, buy some merch, the prices are more than friendly! Support your underground!